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    What are the limitations of Privacy overlay in BVMS 12 (Pano cameras, h.263 & MPEG, decoder, VSC)?



    What are the limitations of Privacy overlay in BVMS 12 (Pano cameras, h.263 & MPEG, decoder, VSC)?




    Panoramic cameras
    When Privacy overlay is enabled for panoramic camera, opening this camera in BVMS will result in no vide and error message. (Possible improvement in future, with updated detector)
     h.263 and MPEG


    When Privacy overlay is enabled for h.263 or MPEG camera/ stream, opening it in BVMS will result in no video and error message

    Decoder/ Monitor wall


    When an user is trying to display on a decoder camera, where Privacy overlay is enabled, no video will be displayed (Workaround: in combination with CPP13 cameras, BVMS will only display on decoder stream with Privacy Protection enabled)

    Mobile/ VSC


    When Privacy overlay is enabled for a camera, opening it in Video Security Client or mobile App will result in no vide displayed


    •    Privacy overlay is not supported, when using  DIVAR IP (AIO) as the Operator Client
    •    Privacy overlay can be used (enable feature license) in DIVAR IP (AIO) based systems, but only if       it   runs on a separate Operator Client workstation according to hardware and GPU specification. 
    •    Privacy overlay is not available for BVMS Viewer


    The following Nvidia cards are recommended to use for the privacy overlay feature:

    • Nvidia Quadro P2000 
    • Nvidia Quadro P4000
    • Nvidia Quadro RTX A2000
    • Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000
    • Nvidia Quadro P2200
    • Nvidia Quadro T600
    • Nvidia Quadro T1000


    Performance limitations:



    AI Performance indicates how many cameras can be processed simultaneously, with Privacy overlay enabled, on a single workstation, equipped with specific GPU.


    • As a result of frames being dropped with workstation load, fps should not be lower than 20
    • Applicable for resolutions from SD up to 5Mpx. In case of higher resolutions (4K) general decoding performance is a limiting factor


    Some recommendations to get the pest performance:

    • Ensure workstation with compatible and capable GPU
    • Consider limitations for # of displayed cameras in system design
    • Lowering down fps of displayed stream might give better results