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    ‎06-30-2021 11:10 AM
    In some cases, especially if you use a 3rd party PC as DICENTIS Server, it could be necessary to update your network driver. For example, if discussion units show a red LED  from  time to time or your DICENTIS is dropping out it could be related to the  network driver. Be aware that a normal Windows Update will not refresh this driver and you have to update it manually!
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    ‎06-30-2021 10:06 AM
    DICENTIS installation log files are needed for further analysis for Technical support team if the software update failed or later some errors occurred. Below it is explained how you can extract DICENTIS installation log files.
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    ‎06-30-2021 09:39 AM
    If something is not working well in the Microsoft Windows Server it will be recorded in the Event Viewer (log files) and can indicate where the error occurs. This is a good tool for the Technical Support to figure out if there are considerable issues in the Windows and other programs.
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    ‎06-30-2021 09:41 AM
    A very common mistake is to to forget to   update your Windows and   other Microsoft products   which are also used by the DICENTIS.
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    ‎06-30-2021 09:28 AM
    In some cases it could be necessary that you need to maintain the Microsoft SQL database which DICENTIS is using to save participants, user, seats and settings. In the next steps I will explain some of the basics commands.
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    ‎06-29-2021 03:21 PM
    There could happen some occurrence were you should return your Dicentis wired license. Reasons can be for example a hardware error, Windows software problems or an Windows upgrade of the Dicentis server etc… 
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    ‎08-24-2021 10:36 AM
    To back up your DICENTIS Server System is one of the most important maintenance task and it should be done on regular basis. Especially if you have to set up your Server for the first time it is highly recommended to do an backup to save your system, programs , settings and so on. The reason obviously for this is if a system crash occurred you should be prepared to set up or recover the Dicentis again. This will save you a lot of trouble if it is done properly beforehand. There are four main themes to perform for a 100% save back up which will be now explained how to do it.
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    ‎04-26-2021 10:02 AM
    If you are facing problems with the API to construct your own synoptic view you can take a look at the RESTful API test page as well as Synoptic control example. It is recommended not to use wireless connectivity for 3rd party REST API usage. REST API data traffic will be distributed on the same channel as the audio. It is preferable to use the long-polling method. Do not use the normal polling method as this generates a lot of traffic, which might decrease the performance of the wireless connection.
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    ‎04-26-2021 09:53 AM
    This is a small instruction how to update the DICENTIS wireless. All settings and license will not be affected from the update and can be used like before again.  
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    ‎04-06-2021 11:33 AM
    Network Docent scans and visualizes the network environment and is giving simple insight into all devices and cable connections of a network based system. This Software can help you to identify network errors and find quick solutions to fix them. You even can extract an Network snapshot which is an important log file for the Technical Support.   In the next view step it will be explained how to create and extract these snapshots. 1) Open or install the Network Docent Open Network Docent Install Network Docent 2) Run the Network Docent 3) Export the Network snapshot
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    ‎04-06-2021 12:25 PM
    Symptoms Connection between DCN server and operator client will disconnect. This is occuring when using windows 10 PC's with SSD-disks. Diagnosis After restart of the DCN services it will work for a while. Also windows 10 has the 'fast startup' option enabled. This option will store settings and running services to have a fast startup. Because of this our services will start to fast and are not properly connected to the other services. And the use of SSD-disk in the server PC can cause a start up that is to fast for the services. Solution  In windows 10 there is the option enabled to store some services when the system has been shut down and start up again. This can cause problems with our services: 1: disable fast start-up option in the win 10 PC: go to the control panel of windows then go to 'power options' then click on 'choose what the power buttons do' then click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable' then disable 'Turn on fast startup' Also the use of an SSD disk in the server PC can cause some startup problems with our DCN-NG software. You can fix this by doing the following: go to the services right-click on 'DCN-SW Server' click on 'Properties' Change startup type to 'Automatic (Delayed start)' Now restart the PC and test with these settings.  
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