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    Can I remotely add my Divar network in BVMS Viewer by domain name?

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    "How can I add an NVR in BVMS Viewer via DNS?"

    This question of our clients is more and more often encountered by the Central Support team.

    Below you will find the answer and recommendations of our experts.




    If you tried before connecting your DIVAR to BVMS Viewer with its domain name (DNS), you most likely received the message "The network address is invalid"

    remotely add my Divar network in BVMS Viewer by domain name.png

    ⚠️ Please note that BVMS Viewer is a viewing solution.

    In BVMS Viewer you can only add cameras and recorders with their IP address, not with a DNS name.
    If you want to access the Divar network outside your own network, you can do this in the following ways:

    Important: For these two options you must set up a VPN connection with your home network and then use BVMS viewer, whereby the recorder is added with its local IP address to BVMS.


    The recommendation of our experts is to use Bosch Remote Portal where Divar Hybrid/ Network is supported by this platform.
    Bosch remote portal is a DNS solution for Public IP. But unfortunately they cannot be used together, as it was not intended.


    Remote Portal provides Remote Connect Lite service for Divar Hybrid/ Network which means:

    • Remote Portal provides a fix domain name to access the Divar Hybrid/Network remotely from Web Service (Google Chrome Plug-in) and Divar Mobile Viewer App.
      This URL cannot be used with BVMS client

    • Remote Portal provides Remote Alert Notification by e-mail when the Divar Hybrid/ Network gets unavailable (disconnected).


    The following articles can help you with some information about setting up your device for remote access:


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