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    How to configure DIP 2000/5000 to be accessed by the Video Security App via Bosch Remote Portal?

    DIVAR IP 2000/ 5000 is designed for remote operation and web based configuration.

    Video Security App and Video Client offer advanced playback and live viewing capabilities for all video devices connected to a DIVAR IP 2000/5000.

    You can easily connect your DIVAR IP for remote administration and maintenance.

    Configuration and commissioning can easily be done in the Configuration pages or through the Setup-Wizard, while the Remote Portal can be accessed at for additional remote services.

    Follow the steps below if you need to configure your DIVAR IP 2000/ 5000 to be accessed through the Video Security App via Bosch Remote Portal.

    Article requirements:

    • No need to plug in any peripherals. A standard PC or tablet can be used to set up the system via the web based configuration wizard


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Open Internet Explorer or other browser and type the IP address of your DIVAR
    2. Go to Configuration tab > Remote access > Access properties
    3. Select "Bosch Remote Portal" from drop down menu near "Provider"
    4. Type your domain in the URL field and your credentials from Bosch Remote Portal account
    5. Tick the box with terms and conditions > Save

    If you have no account yet, go to to create one.



    In case you are using a DIVAR IP 5000, follow the same steps as described above to configure it.

    For DIVAR IP 5000, the Bosch Remote Portal option is available in Configuration > Network > Access properties:



    Note: Default Gateway IP and DNS must be configured for DIP network settings, and the unit must have a functional network connection.

    When the connection is successful both from DIP to Remote Portal and from Remote Portal to VSC App, then you can access your DIVAR IP from the App by clicking on the green button, like in the following picture:

    2_How to configure DIVAR IP 2000- 5000 to be accessed through the Video Security App via Bosch Remote Portal.jpg

    Nice to know:

    According to the release letter of DIVAR IP 2000/ 5000, use the following details for remote access:

    • Port of web interface / recording system: 80 (http), 443 (https)
    • Supported DDNS services:,


    Domain names and ports used for connectivity to Remote Portal:

    • (Cloud Connector)
    • (EMEA) / (AMEC) / (APR) (Video Relay)
    • (Remote Portal)
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