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    How to configure the VideoView+ service incl. push alarm notification?

    Bosch Remote Portal provides the VideoView+ Service which allows to display live video, replay of recorded video on the camera, and a forensic search on Video Security Client.

    Further the Video Security App (on iOS and Android) can receive push alarm notifications triggered by motion in the camera image, for example.

    This article explains how to configure this service to receive push alarm notifications.


    To get Push Alarm Notifications working, the following steps need to be performed.


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Configure your cameras in the local network with Bosch Configuration Manager.


    1. Download Bosch Configuration Manager from and install it on your Windows computer.
    2. Scan the local network and configure your cameras accordingly (e.g. camera name, stream settings, recording settings, motion detection, etc.)


    2. Add your cameras to Bosch Remote Portal in the local network with Bosch Configuration Manager.


    1. Create your company in Bosch Remote Portal (if not yet done) according to How to create a company's account in Bosch Remote Portal.
      In case you use SingleKey ID or a customer's IDP to login to Remote Portal, go to user settings and generate a technical password. You can use the technical password in Configuration Manager to connect to your Remote Portal account for the next 8 hours.
    2. Go to Configuration manager and multi-select the cameras to be added to Bosch Remote Portal in the camera list > select Connectivity > set Operation to ON and click the Save button.
    3. Click Register and enter your Remote Portal credentials (technical password).


    Hereby, the following articles might further guide you:

    ⚠️ Important note: For an easy license management we recommend to create separate Remote Portal accounts for your end customers, otherwise license management will become challenging. Especially with Auto-Renew on it could happen that licenses of a customer A, get assigned to and consumed by cameras of customers B, who never bought a license.


    3. Group your cameras in Bosch Remote Portal


    Group your cameras in Bosch Remote Portal according to your customer's need.



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    4. Activate the VideoView+ service in Remote Portal


    1. In Remote Portal select the Service Licenses tab and add the purchased VideoView+ licenses.

    2. In Account Settings, add the link to one of our multi-tenant Alarm Management instances, preferably the one of your region



    If you do not have such an account, it will be created via the system when you set the link to an Alarm Management instance and you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 3 working days.

    In case you do not receive this e-mail please contact:

    and provide the following items:

    • Installer company name
    • Installer company admin email address
    • Account name

    Note: You can still continue to activate VideoView+ licenses, as shown in the following steps. You do not need to wait until you got your Alarm Management account (as Installer Company user) for license activation. Just selecting the link to an Alarm Management instance in Remote Portal will be sufficient to continue.

    3. In Systems tab, select the List view in Systems tab and mark the group or single cameras



    4. Click Add Services, mark VideoView+, in case it's the very first time you activate a VideoView+ licnese also need to accept the terms and conditions of use, then click Next.



    5. If you have only one end customer in your Remote Portal account select with Auto-Renew, otherwise do not use Auto-Renew, the Alarm Management link should be pre-selected (see above) and click Activate.



    5. Create a site in Alarm Management


    1. Logon Alarm Management Configuration with the credentials you received via e-mail.

    2. Go to Accounts and enter your account by clicking on Enter Account



    3. Select Sites and create a new site by clicking on the + sign.



    4. Enter the required information (Site Name, Site Identifier, Location and Time Zone) for your site and click Create.



    5. You have now successfully created a site in your account. Click Enter Site to enter your site.



    6. Add your cameras to Bosch Alarm Management and configure the Smart Notification service


    1. Add the cameras from Remote Portal to the Site:

    a. In the Site, click the + icon and Alarm Management will automatically start fetching your Remote Portal cameras:



     b. Select the cameras which you want to add to your site (note the Group hierarchy displayed), and click Add



    3. Create an Account User for the customer > the customer gets an e-mail with credentials from the system.



    4. Create a Smart Notification service,



    5. Configure the triggers (e.g. motion), schedule and select the recipient(s) of the push alarm notifications. Recipients can only be Account Users.



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    7. Logon Bosch Video Security Client and receive Push Alarm Notifications


    1. Download Bosch Video Security Client from or Apple Store or Google Play and install on your device.

    2. Allow notifications from the VSC app on your device.

    3. In Video Security Client, select Cloud Service and add an account



    4. Select Alarm Management and select "Log in using Single Sign-On"



    5. Enter server address of the desired Alarm Management instance and click on Sign in, tap Continue



    6. Enter your email address and tap Next, tap Add account



    7. The account is now connected to the service, tap Done, your site is / sites are displayed



    8. Tap the site icon to display your cameras (live video), to replay recordings on the camera and to receive push alarm notifications.



    9. Verify the events in the event list, tab the play button to replay the event clip stored in the cloud



    Note: Push Notifications can only be received on Video Security Client running on iOS and Android, not on its Windows version. Event list and alarm clip replay are available on all three OS platforms (Windows, iOS and Android).

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