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    Release Notes - VideoView+ (cloud service)


    Document history


    warnning.png This document is valid for all VideoView+ versions. Only the release notes of the latest VideoView+ version are fully updated and contain updates for earlier versions as well.


    2024-04-23 VideoView+ 1.0.0 Initial version.




    VideoView+ by Bosch is a service for an easy-to-use, light-weight and cloud-based video security system. It is the ideal fit for customers, who want to manage minimum hardware and need affordable, basic remote management capabilities with a preference for Bosch IP cameras. The VideoView+ service enables end users like security operators or security staff to connect with Video Security Client and Video Security app to Bosch IP cameras and encoders from anywhere in the world via the Remote Portal by Bosch - a portal for management of devices and licenses to technical teams, installers, and integrators.

    Flexibility and quick response times are essential when securing multiple assets across different sites, especially when you’re working on the go. Instant event notifications and an event list are crucial to investigate and respond to alarms quickly. Therefore, VideoView+ adds push event notifications to the Video Security Client and Video Security app with 10-second event clips recorded in the Alarm Management cloud next to the other main features of Video Security Client / Video Security app, which are real-time video live view, playback of recordings, forensic search on cameras with Bosch video analytics support, and smooth control of PTZ cameras.

    VideoView+ license management, service activation and configuration are done in the Remote Portal, while the push event notifications requires an Alarm Management cloud instance. Here, either a multi-tenant instance or a dedicated customer instance of Alarm management can be used.

    For additional details please refer to the latest datasheet and service description in the product catalog by searching for "CBS-MOBILE".






    This compatibility list states the minimum required firmware and software versions. Other versions may work but are not certified. All mentioned firmware and software components are available for download in Bosch Download Store.

    Component Version Supported VRM version for clip upload
    Camera firmware
    Firmware Platform CPP4 7.10.0096 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    Firmware Platform CPP5 6.31.0010 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    Firmware Platform CPP6 7.89.0030 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    AVIOTEC (CPP6) 7.82.0025 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    Firmware Platform CPP7 7.89.0030 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    Firmware Platform CPP7.3 7.89.0030 3.80 (only unencrypted recording supported) *)
    Firmware Platform CPP13 8.91.0028 -
    Firmware Platform CPP14 9.00.0210 -
    Video Security Client / Video Security App -


    *) Note: When recording encryption is enabled on VRM-based recorder, VideoView+ won't get alarm clips displayed in Video Security Client and Video Security App. Please disable encrypted recording for VideoView+.



    VideoView+ 1.0.0 - Initial Release




    VideoView+ 1.0.0 is the first version of the VideoView+ service with the initial functionality as of April 2024.


    Features in Version 1.0.0




    Video view, replay and forensic search in Video Security Client & Video Security app from remote based on VideoView+ license




    VSC with event list (Windows, iOS and Android) and push alarm notification (only on iOS and Android) incl. 10 sec event clip based on VideoView+ license


    10 sec event clip cloud recording (5 sec pre-alarm & 5 sec post-alarm) with 30 days retention time


    Mass batch activation of VideoView+ service


    Mass batch functionality in Remote Portal to grant selected Customer users video viewing permissions to one or multiple selected cameras



    Option to get customer's IDP integrated for authentication (upon request for corporate customers only)



    SingleKey ID support for VideoView+ for authentication


    Migration of cameras from one Remote Portal account (e.g. SI account) to another Remote Portal account (e.g. end customer account)


    Resolved issues


    n.a n.a n.a.


    Known issues


    note.png Known issues

    Known issues are inherited by previous versions. If an issue is fixed, it will appear in the list of resolved issues. The issue IDs can be used to relate an issue to a resolution.


    1.0.0 n.a.

    Only VR cameras supported (VR = Video Relay), means only cameras connected through Remote Portal are supported.

    1.0.0 n.a.

    DL cameras (DL = Device Layer, means cameras which are added with the MAC address directly to Alarm Management) and 3rd party cameras are not supported.



    Push notification is not supported for Video Security Client on Windows.

    1.0.0 AIPBL-550

    Site arming/disarming is not yet supported.

    1.0.0 n.a.

    In Video Security Client/ Video Security app 256 devices are supported per site, 64 devices are recommended per site.

    1.0.0 CBSINSTALLREQ-1157

    User can not choose via the UI which license type to activate (trial period, demo license or paid license), instead always the license with the shortest duration and in the order 1. trial, 2. demo, and 3. paid license will be taken from the license pool when adding a license to a camera.

    The best-practice for free-of-charge demo licenses is to assign them right away to the targeted camera, otherwise the next auto-renewing service will use the demo licenses.



    Video Security Client/ Video Security app version below 3.5.5 does not support entering the server address (Alarm Management url) with "https://". It works only without "https://".



    A license already assigned to a camera can not be revoked and assigned to an other camera without de-commissioning the camera from Remote Portal.



    No support of mass setting the auto-renew value after licenses are activated.



    Multi-imager camera is not supported when Alarm Management account is used in Video Security Client/ Video Security app. In this case live view, replay and forensic search is only supported for the first channel of the multi-imager camera. Push alarm notifications can only be received for the first channel of the multi-imager camera.
    Multi-imager camera is supported when Remote Portal account is used in Video Security Client/ Video Security app (live view, replay and forensic search).

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