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    System Manager 2.0 & DIVAR IP 6000 AIO: software file is not visible during the BVMS upgrade process

    Possible causes and solution(s)




    During the BVMS upgrade from v11.1.1 to v12.0 through System Manager v2.0 on the DIVAR IP 6000 AIO, the software file placed on an external drive is not visible to be installed. What could be the cause?


    Possible Reasons:


    • Folder structure on the USB media is not correct.
    • The folders were not copied to the correct system partition (do not use C: / Desktop)




    To be automatically detected by the Software Selection screen, the DIVAR IP System Manager installation file SystemManager_x64_2.0.0.exe must be located in a folder with the following structure: Drive root\BoschAppliance\

    (for example F: \BoschAppliance\ of an attached USB drive)


    ⚠️ Important: Drive C: and Data drive(s) shall not be used for this purpose.


    BVMS upgrade to v12.0


     2023-08-25_09h46_36.png In order to upgrade BVMS to version 12.0 on DIVAR, please refer to the document below:

    and Page 35 from:


    2023-08-25_09h46_10.png Or you can try to perform the software upgrade by using the BVMS 12.0.0 System Manager package 1.0.

    • Download the BVMS 12.0.0 System Manager package 1.0 and save it to a storage medium such as a USB stick.
    • Unzip the files on the storage medium. Do not change the folder structure of the unzipped files.
    • Connect the storage medium to your DIVAR IP all-in-one system and follow Initial system setup and choosing operation mode or Upgrading software instructions in the DIVAR IP all in-one 4000 / 6000 systems Installation Manuals and User Manuals, and in the Application Note "DIVAR IP all‑in‑one Remote Portal connectivity".


    Nice to know.png Good to know:

    Please be aware that if you have installed hard drives to an empty unit, you first must configure them before performing the initial setup.

    Before selecting and installing the Operation Mode on you DIVAR IP 44xx and 64xx AIO units, please be sure that:

    • you have physically installed the HDD into the unit correctly
    • you have properly done the RAID configuration (applicable for DIP 64xx unit)
    • recover the unit

    For DIVAR IP all‑in‑one 6000

    1. Installing the hard drive, page 28
    2. Configuring RAID5, page 38
    3. Recovering the unit, page 39

     For DIVAR IP all‑in‑one 4000

    1. Installing the hard drive, page 19
    2. Recovering the unit, page 31


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