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    Where can you find the ISO image for recovery of DIVAR IP 7000R2 and DIVAR IP 6000R2?



    Where can you find the ISO image for recovery of DIVAR IP 7000R2 and DIVAR IP 6000R2?




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    4000GB HDD DIVAR IP 6000/7000 


    For recovery of DIVAR IP 6000 R2 or DIVAR IP 7000 R2 one should use only the DVD provided with the particular device.

    Do not use the DVD for recovery if you are not sure that it is the one delivered with the system.

    In case the DVD is lost or damaged request the respective ISO image from Bosch Technical Support. 


    Request the ISO image from Bosch Technical Support:


    1. Provide the Serial Number of the device
    2. Issue description:
      • What is the reason for the recovery
      • Why it is not possible to use the recovery DVD



    This article will guide you through the recovery steps of a DIP: 

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