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    ONVIF cameras in BVMS: live and playback issues - Ticket Requirements

    In order to quickly offer a technical solution or to provide a professional advice for the next analysis steps, the technical support specialists need to get some general and basic information.

    Ticket content should always be in English and provided in a well summarized and structured way in order to be able to provide a quick and appropriate feedback. Not following the guideline will impact the processing time of the ticket.


    This article lists the initial troubleshooting steps and concrete instructions for collecting logging for issues with ONVIF cameras, added to BVMS system. We will classify the different issue scenarios one can have using ONVIF cameras in BVMS system. Depending on the issue the article lists the required logging to start initial troubleshooting.

    mechanic.png Case1 -  Camera connection problems:


    1. Check: URL, time, username, password
    2. Enable: VSG Debug, RTP logging: 
    3. Reproduce the issue and provide Video Streaming Gateway logs.
    4. SystemInfo
      • If BVMS Configuration Collector is used SystemInfo will be gathered automatically
      • For VSG stand alone systems, please use the Windows tool msinfo32
    5. Wireshark captures (especially for 3rd party cameras) from the VSG server


    mechanic.png Case 2 - live stream problems:


    1. Enable VSDK loggings at the BVMS Operator Client:
    2. Enable: VSG RTP, RCP+ loggings
      • Same as Case 1, Point 1
    3. Reproduce the issue and provide Video Streaming Gateway logs
      • Same as Case 1, Point 3
    4. SystemInfo
      • Same as Case 1, Point 4
    5. Wireshark captures (especially for 3rd party cameras) from the VSG server.


    mechanic.png Case 3 -  VSG Crashing problems:


    1. VSG Debug logging and Complete memory dump


    2. Reproduce the issue, or wait for a crash to occur. 
    3. Video Streaming Gateway complete folder  Zip the complete folder with all it's contents.
      • Follow the below steps:
        • Go to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > ProgramData > Bosch 
        • Provide the directory VSG
      • Do not use BVMS Configuration Collector to get the VSG logs for this scenario, because it doesn't collect VSG memory dumps. In case of VSG crash a memory dump is needed for troubleshooting and it can only be manually copied from the VSG directory.


    mechanic.png Case 4 - VSG Recording problems:


    1. Check live stream - provide the information if there are issues also with the live stream
    2. Enable: VSG Debug, RTP logging:
    3. Reproduce the issue and provide Video Streaming Gateway logs
      • Same as Case 1, Point 3
    4. SystemInfo
      • Same as Case 1, Point 4
    5. VSG Maintenance Log
      • For VSG version 7.02 and onwards use the Configuration Manager to get the logs
        • In Configuration Manager right click on the VSG
        • File Download - Maintenance Log
    • For VSG versions below 7.02 contact support to receive BVIP Log collector tool and use it to collect the VSG Maintenance Log

    6  VRM logs 

    Screenshot of the Dashboard of the VRM

    • for VRM version 3.82 and onwards
    • for VRM version till 3.81 - contact support to receive BVIP Log collector tool and use it to collect VRM logs

    VSDK loggings from VSG sever — 💡 please note that when you need VSDK logging from a service like (VSG, MVS, VRM ect) you need to restart the service in order to get the data written in to the VSDK folders.

    9   Wireshark captures on the VSG server & VRM server simultaneously.

    10. As it is stated in the Release note, assigning multiple IP addresses to one ethernet interface is not supported



    • Check if there are multiple NICs in place on the VRM and the VSG. VRM & VSG do not support multiple NICs
    • Another communication issue could be related to Firewall (a quick test could be disable it for a moment from VRM machine and Central Server which hosts the VSG) - Also check things like Windows Defender or another antivirus SW. The Firewall needs to be configured correctly to allow correct communication.
      • As a best practice and to avoid misconfigurations, install VRM and VSG on the final network setup so the firewall could be properly configured and use only 1 active NIC
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