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    What could be the likely cause of VIDEOJET decoder 7000: ‘Error Discontinuity in network stream!’?

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    What could be the likely cause when VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513) displays ‘Error Discontinuity in network stream!’ message?




    • VIDEOJET decoder 7513 operating on firmware version 10.40.0061

    Symptom: “Error: Discontinuity in network stream!” appears randomly on the monitor/s connected to the VIDEOJET Decoder 7000 (7513).




    This message is shown when there is video packet loss on the streaming camera.

    If the camera is streaming in UDP mode and there is packet loss during the transmission, this message will appear on the video display of the decoder as it could not decoded the stream due to missing packets.

    If the camera is streaming in TCP mode and there is packet loss during the transmission, the camera will re-attempt to transmit the missing packet again if it is a minor network issue.

    Therefore, you should request to the network team to check the logs on the network switch port and find out why is network packet lost between camera network port and decoder network port.


    image2022-3-31_11-20-35.pngAdditional questions:


    If you have checked and your network is well optimized, before contacting the Central Technical Support team, be sure that you have the required information below for further troubleshooting steps:

    1) How many physical monitors are connected to VJD-7513 decoder?
    2) What is the resolution supported for the physical monitor?
    3) For the video pane that show the message, is the camera displaying a full circle view?
    4) Is the error always happening on the specific video pane?
    5) Provide the occurrence time to review the logs.
    6) What is the encoder profile configured on stream 1 and stream 2 for the IP camera?
    7) Is the camera video streaming to the decoder using stream 1 or stream 2?
    8.) Collect BVMS logs

    9) Has this BVMS system a valid SMA in-placed?
    10) Is the camera connected to a 1Gbps connection or 100 Mbps network port?
    11) Is the camera using TCP or UDP connection?

    • If it is UDP connection, is the camera video streaming using unicast or multicast?

    12) Camera's config file, service password and config upload password.
    13) Collect Camera’s maintenance logs

    14) VIDEOJET decoder logs. Please provide the password used to encrypt the logs.


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