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    Security: Intrusion

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    ‎06-17-2018 09:35 PM
    Issue User has authority in all areas but when presses Command 80, Command Center gives error tone and says Area 1 Ok for all on. Solution CMD 80 (All Areas On) and CMD 81 (All Areas Off) must be enabled in programming in order to function. 1)  Using Remote Programming: Go to Panel Wide Parameters; Global Open Close Options; Arming Options and find Enable Cmd 80 - All Areas All On, and Enable Cmd 81 - All Areas All Off and set both to Yes. 2)  Using Keypad Programming: Go to Nibble 1259 and enter 12 to enable both CMD 80 and CMD 81. Part numbers D4412, D6412, D625, D623
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    ‎06-18-2018 06:55 PM
    How to interpret a Battery Low report on the D4412/D6412. What battery voltage will the panel transmit a BATTERY LOW report?
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    ‎06-15-2018 06:56 PM
    D4412 & D6412
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    ‎06-06-2018 08:08 PM
    How to be sure the monitoring station gets an Alarm Report when testing the D4412 or D6412.
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    ‎06-21-2018 10:39 PM
    How to select custom arming points on the D4412/D6412 Panel.
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    ‎06-14-2018 03:06 PM
    How to enable phone line supervision in the D4412 or D6412.
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    ‎06-20-2018 07:19 PM
    Issue What are the SDI addresses on the D6412 and D4412?   Solution   SDI Address             Device Description 0 =           Installer Keypad, or local connection to RAM IV                         1-8 =          Command Center 1 to 8 40,41 =       DX8010 Telephone Control Module 50,51 =       RF Receivers 1, and 2 52-55 =      RF Keypads on RF Receiver 1 60-63 =       RF Keypads on RF Receiver 2 101-107 =   DX 2010 wired point expander 150-151 =   DX 3010 Octo-Output expander 250 =           DX4010 Serial RS-232 Interface module
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    ‎06-18-2018 08:51 PM
    How to correct the keypad displays "Entering" when powered up and then becomes "Keypad Locked". D6412,D4412,D623,D625,D623B
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    ‎06-19-2018 09:29 PM
    How to view the log file in the D4412 or D6412.
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