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    Security: Intrusion

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    ‎07-02-2018 03:56 PM
    Issue The DS160/161 fails to operate after multiple trips or cycles. Solution Cause: Possible wrong part (Op- Amp) There are some problems withLot #'s 578C, 579C, 580C with the DS160/161. The DS160/161 could stop detecting after multiple activation, and will not work. Send the customer an advance replacement. Anything passed Lot 580C should have the fix Not all DS160/161 are a problem.
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    ‎06-20-2018 08:25 PM
    Issue How can a REX sensor such as the DS150i or DS160 be used to shunt an armed point? Solution  The REX sensor can be used to shunt a normally closed contact by connecting the REX relay contacts that will provide closure when motion is detected in parallel with the door point to be shunted. When these contacts close, a short will be placed across the door point. The panel will see the door as closed for the duration of the REX relay time. Note: The REX relay Common to Normally Open and Common to Normally Closed contacts will reverse when changing from Fail Safe to Fail Secure mode. See NOTES for further clarification. Notes DS150i: In Fail Safe mode, use the Yellow and Violet wires on the first relay or the Gray and Green wires on the second relay. In Fail Secure mode, use the Yellow and Blue wires on the first relay or the Gray and Orange wires on the e second relay. DS160: In Fail Safe mode, use the relay contacts designated Normally Open to Common. In Fail Secure mode, use the relay contacts designated Normally Closed to Common.
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    ‎06-14-2018 02:36 PM
    How to make proper connections to the DS150i relays. DS150i, DS151i
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    ‎05-24-2018 08:29 PM
    How to determine if the DS150i requires a jumper for selecting input voltage.
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    ‎05-18-2018 06:09 PM
    How is a REX motion detector programmed for "SHUNT ONLY" operation? DS150I,DS160,DS151I,K2100/K1100
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