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    Cameras in VSG show ‘No more blocks available’

    Possible causes and solution(s)




    • VSG version 7.1
    • BVMS 10.1 build
    • VRM is on 2 separate machines as Primary and Failover
    • Failover VRM is also used as iSCSI and there is another dedicated iSCSI machine.


    Cameras do not record and when going to VSG and recording, it stands that:

    • Camera 1 - ANR not configured
    • Camera 1 - [Recording 1] Error: No more blocks available

    It’s the same on 2 VSG and cameras added to VSG don’t record.


    • Causes


    There is no communication happening between the VRM and the VSG, and the VSG does not contain any information from the VRM where to record.

    Potential causes of this issue may be lack of basic network communication, switch or router blocking the ports, hardware or software firewalls limiting the communication, Domain Security Policies applied to the domain, users or computers.

    Some of these machines could be located on separate domains which could lead to a potential issue due to the security policies at the domain level that could apply and block communication.


    • Solution


    • First, please see this document and check the compatibility on page 8. If the VSG and VRM don’t match the required version as per Release Note, please perform the upgrade for them
      • VRM 3.83.0021 (64-bit)
      • VSG

    Note: After the upgrade we recommended to refresh and update the States and capabilities in BVMS, so the Configuration Client can read the new configuration.

    • The firewalls should be checked to allow communication


    If the issue persists, please do the following, before getting in contact with the Central Technical Support team:

    1. Check live stream - provide the information if there are issues also with the live stream
    2. Enable: VSG Debug, RTP logging:
      • The following article will help you to find out: Where can you find the "VSG debug logging" option in Configuration Client to enable/ disable it?
    3. Reproduce the issue and provide Video Streaming Gateway logs: Collect Config collector logs from the sever (article here)
    4. Collect the VSG logs using the BVIP tool à Central Technical Support team can provide you with this tool
    5. Screenshot of the Dashboard of the VRM.
    6. VSDK loggings from VSG sever — Idea please note that when you need VSDK logging from a service like (VSG, MVS, VRM etc.) you need to restart the service in order to get the data written in to the VSDK folders.
    7. Wireshark captures on the VSG server & VRM server simultaneously if possible.


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