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    ‎10-02-2023 03:32 PM
    The history log should be used as a first resource to isolate the source of ongoing point or system troubles. When central station reports appear to conflict with panel operation, the history log will reveal the actual events which were processed by the panel.
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    ‎07-17-2023 02:41 PM
    View Point Status is an important part of troubleshooting which is used to determine the current state of input points. For example, when the panel annunciates a point trouble, view point status will display if the point is missing or faulted in an open or short state.
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    ‎02-11-2022 12:05 PM
    Find out how you can fix the RPS when it returns the message: Invalid Panel Type when attempting a network connection to a B8512G, B9512G or B-series panel.
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    ‎04-06-2021 09:57 AM
    Possible causes and solutions: Ground Fault Detect enabled The control panel has a ground fault detection circuit that when enabled, detects ground faults on Terminals 1 to 9 and 11 to 30. If a ground fault condition occurs, the keypads annunciate a ground fault and control panel transmits a trouble message. Ground Fault condition is corrected When the control panel recognizes that the ground fault condition is corrected, and remains corrected for between 5 to 45 consecutive seconds, the control panel clears the fault from the keypad display and sends a restoral report   Measure earth ground (Terminal 10) and COMMON (Terminal 9) to determine whether the control panel has the necessary 0 VDC decay to -2.1 VDC. Measuring and comparing voltage for ground fault detection: Set your digital voltmeter (DVM) to measure VDC. Connect the red DVM lead to control panel Terminal 10, and the black DVM lead to Terminal 9. Compare this voltage to the following table: Enable Ground Fault Detect and reports To enable fault detection, use RPS. Set the following parameters: ·        PANEL WIDE PARAMETERS > Miscellaneous > Ground Fault Detection. Set to Enable ·        PANEL WIDE PARAMETERS > Report Routing > Burglar Reports > Trouble Report. Set to Yes. ·       PANEL WIDE PARAMETERS > Report Routing > Burglar Reports > Burg Restore (After Trouble). Set to Yes.
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