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    Security: Intrusion

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    ‎06-07-2018 03:28 PM
    How to restore Zone8 on the D7400 that won't clear even when strapped out with a 2.2K EOL.
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    ‎05-31-2018 09:27 PM
    How to interpret Skeds 41 and above when only 40 schedules are available.  Why does the panel log file or central station report show skeds between 41 and 56 executed with only skeds 1-40 available in programming?
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    ‎06-25-2018 03:26 PM
    How to interpret the WDSRP log entry: ARMED LEVEL 2 from a DS7060 control panel.
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    ‎06-21-2018 10:39 PM
    How to select custom arming points on the D4412/D6412 Panel.
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    ‎06-20-2018 05:28 PM
     Can the D125B be Used to Power 2 Wire Smokes on the D7112? Yes, see technogram number (73-06116-000-C) 1993 (attached). Listings and Approvals Underwriters Laboratories lists the D7112 ControVCommunicator as a Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) for: NFPA 71 Central Station, NFPA 72 Chapter 6 Local, NFPA 72 Chapter 8 Remote Station, NFPA 74 Household Fire Warning. The D7112 also has the following Approvals: CSFM and NYC-MEA (formerly NYC-BSA).
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    ‎06-15-2018 06:10 PM
    How to disable reporting in the DS7090 or DS7090i. DS7090,DS7090I,DS7090TM,DS7090TMI
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    ‎06-14-2018 07:16 PM
    How to interpret Zone 15 displaying on the DS7100 keypad when only 14 zones are available on the panel.
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    ‎06-13-2018 04:50 PM
    How to enable the Ground Fault display and trouble tone on the D6412/D4412.
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    ‎06-13-2018 02:33 PM
    How to to make the DS7220 or DS7240 panel local only.
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    ‎06-13-2018 02:09 PM
    How to correct the D5200 displaying Error: Ram Card Protected.
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    ‎06-08-2018 07:12 PM
    How to Part Arm or Part 2 arm the D4412 or D6412.
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    ‎06-25-2018 04:15 PM
    What relay configuration setting activates a relay with CMD 47?
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    ‎06-19-2018 09:29 PM
    How to view the log file in the D4412 or D6412.
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    ‎06-15-2018 06:15 PM
    How to transfer text from one DS7140 to another DS7140 on a DS7100.
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    ‎06-14-2018 01:50 PM
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    ‎06-13-2018 08:28 PM
    How to control Disarm Authority in the D6412/D4412.
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    ‎06-13-2018 02:22 PM
    How to return the DS7060 to factory default.
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    ‎06-25-2018 04:06 PM
    How to program Passcode Duress on the D7212B,  D7212B1, D9112B or D9112B1
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