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    ‎06-20-2018 02:03 PM
    How to determine which zones are indicated by the 8 LEDs on the D720 when more than 8 zones are in use.
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    ‎06-19-2018 10:24 PM
    How to clear alarm memory on the D720 keypad.
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    ‎06-19-2018 09:22 PM
    How to use the RF3341 Keypad on a D4412/D6412 Panel.
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    ‎06-19-2018 08:10 PM
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    ‎06-19-2018 03:06 PM
    How to prevent data noise, crosstalk, EMI, RFI and AC Inductance in data wiring.
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    ‎06-19-2018 02:20 PM
    Can the D220A Keypad be used with a D2112? How to determine which resistor to cut from the D220A Keypad to work with a D2112 panel. D220A (8 led),D2112,D2412,D2812,D2212.
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    ‎06-18-2018 10:58 PM
    How to add a passcode on the 2000 Series panel using a Text Keypad. D2212, D222A LCD, D223A LCD, D222,D223, D2412,D2812
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    ‎06-18-2018 10:18 PM
    How to correct when the keypad will not arm but displays Change of Relay. D1255,D1260,D7212GV2,D7412,D7412GV2,D7412G,D9412G,D9412GV2
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    ‎06-18-2018 09:57 PM
    How to view System Troubles on the DS7240/DS7220. DS7240,DS7220,DS7445I,DS7447I
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    ‎06-18-2018 09:50 PM
    How to address LED keypads addressed to work with the D2212/D2412/D2812.
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    ‎06-18-2018 08:51 PM
    How to correct the keypad displays "Entering" when powered up and then becomes "Keypad Locked". D6412,D4412,D623,D625,D623B
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    ‎06-18-2018 08:39 PM
    How to use CMD56 to add user codes to the D4412/D6412. When Using CMD56 to Add Codes, there is no prompt to Add Codes, Only Change Codes.
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    ‎06-18-2018 07:17 PM
    Part numbers D7212B, D9112B, D7212B1, D9112B1, D7212, D7412, D9112, D9124, D9412, D7412G, D7412G, D9124G, D9412G, D7412GV2, D7412GV2, D9124GV2, D9412GV2, D7412GV3,D7412GV3, D9412GV3, D7412GV4, D7412GV4, D9412GV4, B8512G, B9512G, D1260
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    ‎06-18-2018 06:55 PM
    How to interpret a Battery Low report on the D4412/D6412. What battery voltage will the panel transmit a BATTERY LOW report?
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    ‎06-18-2018 06:47 PM
    How to view the panel log file using the DS7447 keypad. DS7400X,DS7400,DS7400Xi,DS7400XIVER3+,DS7400XIVER4+,DS7400XIVER2,DS7447I,DS7447E,DS7447
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    ‎06-17-2018 09:05 PM
    Issue Cannot access my menu items via the D1260 keypad, but know I the Menu Functions were enabled for the D1260 keypad within the panel program.   Solution   In programming CMD CNTR ASSIGMENT >  MENU KEY LOCK and set to NO. Verify in programming FUNCTION LIST that the functions the required functions are set to Yes for the correct keypad address. Compatible Control Panels • B9512G/B9512G-E • B8512G/B8512G-E • D9412GV4/D7412GV4/D7212GV41 • D9412GV3/D7412GV3/D7212GV31 • D9412GV2/D7412GV2/D7212GV21 • D9412G/D7412G/D7212G • D9412, D7412, D7212, and D9112 with firmware versions 6.40 or higher
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    ‎06-17-2018 08:27 PM
    Issue Can I change the user text on a 7000-9000 series panel via the keypad? Solution You may only change the users name via a keypad if you have a D1260 keypad.  Follow the steps below to make the changes. >Command 56 then Passcode >Choose the user number and press ENTER >Press the soft key menu item CONTINUE >Press the soft key menu item NAME >Follow the soft key menu to move left/right and to change the characters in the name. >After you done with the modifications press the soft key menu item CONTINUE >If this is correct you press the soft key menu item YES >If it is not correct then press the soft key menu item NO After you have completed your task press the soft key menu item EXIT D1260 Compatible Control Panels • B9512G/B9512G-E • B8512G/B8512G-E • D9412GV4/D7412GV4/D7212GV41 • D9412GV3/D7412GV3/D7212GV31 • D9412GV2/D7412GV2/D7212GV21 • D9412G/D7412G/D7212G • D9412, D7412, D7212, and D9112 with firmware versions 6.40 or higher
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    ‎06-15-2018 09:47 PM
    How to use the Enter Key Relay function in G series panels.
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    ‎06-15-2018 09:33 PM
    How to correct the D1260 error: Incorrect panel programming, enhanced should be set to yes.
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    ‎06-15-2018 09:34 PM
    How to determine the maximum wire distance for the DS7091. DS7090,DS7090TM,DS7091
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