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    ‎06-14-2018 06:22 PM
    Issue How does the phone line monitor for the DS7100 operate?   Solution   If the monitor detects a phone line fault for more than 50 seconds, the power LED will begin to flash.  If the audible output has been enabled in line 89, the keypad sounder will pulse every ten seconds if the control is disarmed. If the panel is armed, the siren output will activate. To ascertain if the trouble condition is indeed a phone line failure, enter # 87 at the keypad. The display will indicate "Communication Failure". If the "System Trouble Report" (line 51) is programmed the system will try to send this report. A phone line failure may be caused by: A cut or missing phone line. A reversed connection (Tip, and Ring Reversed) A miswired jack To clear the error; Determine the cause of the failure and eliminate the cause. After eliminating the cause of the failure, wait at least ten seconds. The error will clear if the problem has been eliminated and the LED will stop flashing provided a failure has not occurred on the central station phone numbers. If a failure has occurred at the central station restore by entering # 87 * at the keypad.
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    ‎06-14-2018 03:32 PM
    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2
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    ‎06-14-2018 06:23 PM
    Issue How is the phone line monitor turned on or off in programming?   Solution   DS7100 version 5.03 or higher. The phone line monitor feature has been enhanced to provide output to allow enabling or disabling of the featrure through programming and to automatically reset after the phone line is restrored. The feature is controlled in data digit 2 of program address 89. To enable the phone line fault monitor without an audible output, program line 89 as 0200. To enable the phone line fault monitor with a keypad warning beep when the system is disarmed and siren output when the system is armed, program line 89 as 0600. To disable phone line fault monitor program line 89 as 0000.
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