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    Where to find the Authorization Letter for Password reset of Bosch Video Products and Software?



    Where to find the Authorization Letter for Password reset of Bosch Video Products and Software?




    This Authorization Letter is applicable for all Bosch Security and Safety products & software when a password reset for them is requested by customers, system integrators or by a local sales representative.


    Authorization Letter


    Prior to get in contact with the Central Technical Support team for a password reset request, please refer to the articles below, where you will find the Authorization Letter* which is mandatory to have it completed, signed and stamped.

    *If the camera is owned by a local sales and provided to customer for testing purposes, the Authorization Letter has to be signed by the local sales.



    warnning.png IMPORTANT

    Next to the Subject section from the Authorization Letter, there is a blue field that is mandatory to be filled in with the ticket number opened by the Central Technical Support Team when you requested the password reset code. The ticket number looks like: #87xxxxxxxx

    If you are not sure which ticket number you have, please contact CTS and ask them before providing them with the Authorization Letter completed, signed and stamped.



    Chargeable Service


    info.png The password reset might be charged, depending on the amount of products and the product model for which password reset is requested.

    • For e.g., if the request is for >=4 cameras/ DVRs, then you will receive the quote and the invoice. The same will happen for other combinations of SW and products, when password reset is requested for them.

    In this chargeable service, the local sales will prepare and send a quote based on the local sales process.


    ⚠️ Note

    If under certain circumstances it is found that a password reset request has been divided into different requests with a smaller quantity of products/SW, for the same site and in less than a month, then the password reset process will be declined and will not continue or will be invoiced.


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