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    ‎04-26-2021 04:30 PM
    Question What is a CPP and where you can find it for you Bosch IP camera?   Answer   To guarantee high quality imaging through the entire range of products, Bosch Security Systems uses a Common Product Platform (CPP). A CPP is a reference design that serves as a solid base for future cameras. Based on the same CPP, sub- or new products can be generated more easily by using a different sensor and/or a different housing. Each product cannot only benefit from the features provided by the platform but can also advance its functionality. Other advantages: easier integration with 3rd party security system components, such as VMS and recording solutions. allows installers and integrators to use the same interface that supports the entire Bosch product portfolio. new camera and software releases, regardless of the price segment, can be easily added to an existing security surveillance system. it helps you to find the right version of firmware you need for your camera   Where you can find the CPP of you Bosch IP camera?   1. Release notes: you can search for it directly on the product page > under Downloads section you will see the CPP version of your camera. In this example, the CPP for FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera is CPP4:   2.  You can find the CPP of your camera on the web page by entering the IP address of it. Go to Configuration > Service > System Overview   CPP & Firmware: All firmware releases for the various Common Product Platforms (CPP) for Bosch IP cameras and video encoders can be found on the Bosch Security and Safety Systems page in Download Area. For detailed information of a specific product, the product catalogue is the recommended way to go. Those, who just need to update firmware and already know the platform which their product is based on, may directly go to the Download Area for a quicker and condensed overview   Other useful articles related to CPP & Firmware: Where you can find the intermediate firmware version when upgrading CPP4 cameras? What is the maximum firmware version supported by cameras depending on the BVMS version? TB VS: Bosch IP Video increased security with Firmware 6.51 / Firmware downgrade dependencies FAQ VS: How to upgrade from <6.10 to Firmware 6.50 and usage of the "combined firmware file 6.50"
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    ‎05-07-2018 10:54 PM
    In December 2017 information about two vulnerabilities in modern processors were published. These exploits are often referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. Due to the nature of the flaw, many processors(AMD, ARM, Intel, etc.) are considered vulnerable. In order to use the exploit, an attacker needs to execute malicious code on the target system. It is thus generally advised to protect systems from unauthorized access (e.g. by using a strong password policy). BOSCH IP Cameras and BOSCH Encoders are based on Common Product Platform (CPP) designs. Each CPP uses a specific System-on-Chip (SOC), or a family of SoC’s, which inherit various CPU cores. Some of them include ARM cores, which are considered vulnerable. We therefore have analyzed our Common Product Platforms if they are affected, with the result: • Our Common Product Platforms CPP-ENC, CPP3 and CPP4 are not affected by the vulnerabilities. • The processors used in the SoC’s of our Common Product Platforms CPP6, CPP7 and CPP7.3 are affected. As we do not allow 3rd party code being installed or executed on our cameras, successful exploitation is considered not possible with Meltdown or Spectre. In short, our IP cameras and encoders are not vulnerable to Meltdown or Spectre exploitations. In general we recommend to always keep your device Firmware up to date.
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