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    ‎07-22-2021 01:57 PM
    In this section you can find details on what information is required during the troubleshooting process to successfully identify a unit in terms of model number, firmware version and unique identifiers.  What is also very important always for the troubleshooting is the DIVAR Service log.  In addition to that, in some situations network captures from the DIVAR may also be required.  
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    ‎06-10-2021 09:43 AM
    Perhaps you are wondering how to set the maximum retention time on a Divar Network? Some of our customers asked about this option. Well, in DIVAR Network and Hybrid there is not retention time. But you can set the automatically deleting time, that is more or less the same.   Step-by-step guide:   Open one Browser and type your device IP address Login with the administrator account Go to Settings > Storage > Recording Fill in the box with the desired automatic deletion time   Another option is to make this change directly in the local interface of the unit.
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    ‎06-10-2021 09:14 AM
    Find below Gmail SMTP settings which you have to set in your EMAIL screen of DIVAR Menu. SMTP Server address: Username: Your Gmail e-mail adress Password: Your Gmail password Port (TLS 😞 587 Port (SSL 😞 465 TLS / SSL required: Yes TLS : Transport Layer Security         SSL: Secure Sockets Layer What happens if you do not select either one? If neither SSL nor TLS is used , then the communication line can easily become a party line for eavesdroppers, all data transmitted between DIVAR and e-mail account for anyone to see.
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    ‎06-04-2021 10:12 AM
      Causes   DIVAR mobile viewer is not able to connect to DIVAR AN and/or DIVAR Hybrid/Network because some ISP’s  (Internet Service Provider) only support IPV6. This issue occurs on: iOS 14.4 DIVAR Mobile Viewer 3.1.4 DIVAR AN and/or DIVAR Hybrid/Network    Solution New app  3.1.5 version is released and available on the App Store.  Please download the new App version and fix this behavior. We encourage you to always use the latest version of the App. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.
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    ‎04-28-2021 03:22 PM
    This article shows how to configure Input Alarm and later search for them in the Event search using Web Interface. There are only 3 different search parameters for Event type search, which are "All", "Motion" and "Alarm". Once can search for any alarms during the set time period and channel and in this way indirectly to filter for Input Alarm (if only Input Alarm triggers Recording for a particular channel). It is not possible to directly narrow the search for particular Alarm type (ex. Input alarm).
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