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    ‎09-14-2021 09:35 AM
    VCA (Video content analysis) is the process of automatically analyzing video images to alarm on predefined events like the detection of moving objects in the monitored area or tampering with the camera. It can also be used to gather statistics about the detected objects.     Depending on the camera type, the following VCA algorithm are available in Bosch cameras: –   Intelligent Video Analytics: Mission-critical, long-distance intrusion detection in extreme weather conditions. Detection and tracking of moving objects. –   Intelligent Video Analytics Flow: Basic motion detection of cells in a grid with velocity and direction. Used for counter flow detection in crowds. –   Essential Video Analytics: Reliable video analytics for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses. Detection and tracking of moving objects. –   MOTION+: Basic change detection of cells in a grid. Can be used to trigger recordings. –   Tamper detection: Detects camera occlusion, turning away from the monitored scene, extreme lighting conditions and basic idle / removed object detection.   If you would like to stop this setting, please follow the steps below.
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    ‎08-18-2021 09:55 AM
    Causes   When camera is set to auto track (by web interface) to "auto"-> IVA is detecting an object but camera is not following. Auto tracking works and metadata is displayed only on a stored preposition.   Solution   There was a change introduced starting with FW v.7.70. The new feature is:   i-Track only starts on VCA-Alarm.   You can either program this on presets, e.g a detection field or if you want to have Itrack active regardless of its position, you need to activate "global VCA" and assign task detection area "whole screen" now only activate iTrack "AUXON78" so the eye is in the corner, and your iTrack will always be on sharp   Note: IVA must be active for at least one preset scene in the VCA page on the Settings tab. If IVA is configured for one scene, then all other scenes have Intelligent Tracking enabled by default. If a scene, however, has Motion+ or IVA 5.5 Flow activated, then Intelligent Tracker is disabled for these scenes. Please refer also to the attached document.
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    ‎07-19-2021 09:49 AM
    The camera may be out of focus during a rapid zoom change if: There is a large amount of reflection with full sunlight. Or, there are headlights or bright lights present at night. This problem occurs most often when used in traffic applications.   Causes:   The camera tries to focus on the bright lights and fails to find the correct focus position (example snapshot of headlights below). Find how you can fix this issue from this article!
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    ‎07-19-2021 09:38 AM
    MIC 7000i with FW 7.72 shows blurred images. After restart, the quality of the image is good for a short time, but the issue reappear. Only Applicable to these models: MIC 7000i (MIC-7502-Z30x) MIC 9000i (MIC-9502-Z30x)   Find how you can fix this issue from this article!
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    ‎06-21-2021 10:39 AM
    Question   What is the recommended AC cable for NPD-9501-E Midspan 95W 1 port outdoor?   Answer   Power cord  requirements : Recommended cable: North America - SJOW or SOOW standards Europe -  H07RN-F Rated to: 300 Volts (or better) Temp. Range: -40 to 65ºC (or better) Size: 16 - 18AWG 3C or 1.0 mm^2^  - 1.5 mm^2^  3C Approved for indoor and outdoor use. Cable outer dimension Ø 3/16” – 3/8” or Ø 6.0 mm^2^ – 10 mm^2^ The 95 W midspan is a high-power PoH (Power Over HDBase T) device that provides data and power between an Ethernet switch and an IP camera. In the table below, an "X" identifies which midspans can supply power to which models of cameras:
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    ‎04-27-2021 03:13 PM
    This article provides you the solution when the MIC IP starlight 7100i camera wiper stops on the screen. Furthermore, you will learn how to perform a physical reset of the camera.
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    ‎04-05-2021 04:40 PM
    The iris works by limiting the amount of light that hits the image sensor. Too little light can make everything dark, and too much light can make the image overexposed or washed out . The MinIris and MaxIris values could be configured when the camera is mounted and installed in specific lighting conditions . Therefore, it’s important to have an iris that’s specifically suited for your camera’s location.   Scenario The MinIris and MaxIris values cannot be read-out from the camera. Two fields: MinIris and MaxIris are missing from the Exposure node from the GetImagingSettingsResponse SOAP document. Follow this article and find out the solution.
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    ‎04-05-2021 11:55 AM
    Thanks to its integrated, long-lasting wiper, the MIC IP starlight 7000 HD camera captures images of the highest quality all year long, regardless of the weather. This article is meant to provide you with the step-by-step guide to activating the wiper and the white lights illuminator option, if your camera is equipped with both of them. Article requirements: MIC IP starlight 7000 HD Bosch Video Management System version 8.0 (BVMS 😎 Workstation
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