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    7m ago
    NOTE: Screenshots in this article might not be displayed correctly in CHROME Browser. Use Firefox or MS InternetExplorer instead.  BOSCH and NetApp are partners and BOSCH is offering NetApp E2800 Simplex and Full-Duplex iSCSI Storage device variants. The controller Frimware is no longer a special OEM made BOSCH specific firmware, but NetApp supports the BOSCH submodel ID 356 in the regular global firmware offered by NetApp. As soon a user has a Serial-No. and has registered at the NetApp NOW page, the firmware package can be loaded there (see screeshot below). Project technicians are anyhow requested to align with the BOSCH representative  or BOSCH project team depending on setup and stage of project roll-out. The NetApp webpage to start is: https://mysupport.netapp.com/  and there "Sign-in" with your NetApp account. https://mysupport.netapp.com/global/dashboard  or   https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/ At the NetApp NOW support page log-in with your NetApp username (you can register by using your E-Series Serial-No.) and there go to section "Downloads" and "Software" to find  [screenshot here below] There you can select "E-Series SANtricity OS Controller Software": [screenshot here below] Slect the E2800 model and proceed. Slect the NetApp package from the list. Till 2019-03-21 we recommended the 11.40.3R1. Startin on 2019-03-22 we recommend customers to call the local Level 1 support and to involve BOSCH Level 2 support until this article gets updated. Reason: Currently we are working on a planned update to a SANTricity package version 11.40.03 R2 ( Update is expected in the next days here! [screenshot here below] The controller Firmware version is not released by BOSCH, but BOSCH is testing offered Firmware form NetApp from time to time. Whenever there are important bug-fix or for operation relefant fixes, NetApp will inform BOSCH. Whenever a newer E2800 contorller firmware is ranked as tested, BOSCH will announce that here in the Knowledge Base as well. The E-Series SANtricity ® OS 11.40.3 package can be used which includes: N280X-842834-D02.dlp which is the NVSRAM File for for duplex. N280X-842834-S02.dlp which is the NVSRAM file for simplex RCB_11.40.3_280x_5b9679cb.dlp = the controller firmware [screenshot here below] Steps to update Download the latest SANtricity OS software files from the NetApp Support Site to your management client. From SANtricity System Manager, select Support > Upgrade Center . In the area labeled “SANtricity OS Software upgrade,” click NetApp Support . On the NetApp Support Site, click the Downloads tab, and then select Software . Locate E-Series/EF-Series SANtricity OS (Controller Firmware) . For the platform, select E2800 , and click Go! Select the version of SANtricity OS (Controller Firmware) you want to install, and click View & Download . Follow the online instructions to complete the file download.   Attention: Risk of data loss or risk of damage to the storage array — Do not make changes to the storage array while the upgrade is occurring. Maintain power to the storage array.  
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    ‎02-01-2019 12:39 PM
    This article describes how to set LUNs on a target to Read Only via Configuration Manager. If you want to move a Storage from one VRM to another, this procedure is needed in Order to retain your video footage until the desired Retention Time is over. All you need is the Configuration Manager on a PC in the same Network as the VRM. If you don’t have the Configuration Manager, you can download it here.     Please be aware that setting the LUNs to Read only will decrease the Capacity of the VRM, which might lead to a lower Minimum Retention Time then desired. Calculate upfront, if the available Storage is enough!   Start the Configuration Manager and add the local VRM to the System.     Change to the Tab My devices and select the Target on the Storage Device you want to move.   Set all LUNs to the Type Read Only. It should look like this then. Now press the button Set and acknowledge it in the next window. After, the window looks like this and the LUNs are now in Read Only Mode. Now you need to wait until your desired Retention time passed (eg 30 days), afterwarts you can remove the Storage from the VRM and add it to another VRM (In this Process the Storage needs to be Factory defaulted to work).
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    ‎01-30-2019 06:17 PM
     For DIVAR IP units (e.g. DIVAR IP 6000) BOSCH BT Security & Safety Systems offers an firmware update for the internal MegaRADI Controller. It could happen that in the Megaraid Software the user can see potential non-optimal configuration due, PD commissioned as Emergency Spare error. There is an article as well from hardware partner:  http://www.supermicro.com.tw/support/faqs/faq.cfm?faq=19518   Here we provide the steps to update a DIVAR IP system: Using MegaRAID Storage Manager utility under OS   1) Open MSM, Right click on Supermicro MegaRAID controller to be updated and click Update Controller Firmware 2) Click Browse to search for new firmware   3) Select the new MegaRAID controller firmware 4) Click OK to continue   5) Check the “Confirm” box and click OK to continue   *** Wait for around 1~2 minutes to complete 6) Click OK once firmware update completed   7) Reboot the system and check firmware version in controller OPROM banner during boot   8) Check firmware version using MSM in OS     The firmware is available via the following link: https://downloadstore.boschsecurity.com/FILES/KnowledgeBase/MegaRAID_Ctrl_FW_update_DIVAR_IP_BOSCH.zip
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    ‎11-26-2018 02:22 PM
     In August 2018 (10-08-2018) the VRM version 03.71.0029 was released. The Video Recording Manager 03.71.0029 is fully supported with BVMS 8.0 and Product Management of BVMS and VRM recommend to use this VRM version instead of the former Release version of VRM 03.70.0056. Changes / Bug Fixes: One of the main bugfix reasons to use VRM 03.71.0029 is a fix in regards to correct display and replay of recorded clips in continous and alarm recording mode. This fix is listed on page 2 of hte attached Relase Letter. For Troubleshooting and support reasons it is essential to double-check a reported gap in recording and to analyze on Level 2 and Level 3 support side what circoumstanced could lead to a video gap. See in the following chapter what kind of data a trained BOSCH partner, Installer or Video expert should provide to the BOSCH Technical Support to advise on next steps. The data described here below can and should be collected before the software VRM is changed and updated to a latger version. Note: Video Recording Manager version 03.71.0029 is not the latest available version of VRM, but in combination with other 3rd party implemantation or usage of special BOSCH VMS software version (e.g. BVMS 8.0) this VRM version 03.71.0029 may be required. VRM logging to collect for in depth expert troubleshooting In certain situations and troubleshooting scenarios extended logfiles might be required. The BOSCH Level 1 and BOSCH Level 2 team will assist all users on how to collect these data and cooperate with the BOSCH Level 3 Support where needed. Backup the configuration of BVMS and VRM (BVMS elements and VRM config.xml file) Enable debug logging of the VRM Depending on the used Configuraiton Software the debug logging need to be enabled to get an extended logging informaiton. In case a gap in recording happened in the past it is anyhow helpful to enable the debug logging for a defined time for future incidents. To analyze the already occured video recording gap the available VRM logging must be collected. Depending on 32-Bit or 64-Bit version of the VRM software, the loggings are found in the "primary" or "secondary" sub-directory structure. Surch for     ...\Bosch\Video Recording Manager\VRM Server   folder at your VRM server to find a similar directory view like shown in the screenshot here below: Inside the directory "log" the standard logging data of the VRM are found and need to bre collected. In addition to the standard logfiles of the relevant day, the debug logging from a defined time period need to be provided in case debug logging was enabled prior to an incident. Here the "debug" logfiles are found: The debug loggins are saved in a special directory "debug". The Spanhistory logging does provide details of the storage usage. It describes which internal "storage block" was used. It describes the IP of the target, the LUN and the block used for a recording. The Spanhistory of the day where the recording was done and shows issues (e.g. the video reocriding gap), the related spanhistory logfiles is required. As seen in an earlier screenshot above the VRM configuration file is found in the directory:     ...\Bosch\Video Recording Manager\VRM Server\primaryAll versions of the config.xml need to be provided to the Technical Support.  
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    ‎11-26-2018 04:14 PM
     This article explains how to exchange the battery on the DIVAR Hybrid and Network in a safe way.
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    ‎05-22-2018 05:01 PM
    How to export the Archive Player in IE
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    ‎05-22-2018 04:57 PM
    Related Products DIVAR AN 3000 DIVAR AN 5000 How to configure Monitor B output for Divar AN 3000-5000 Solution see attachment.
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    ‎05-21-2018 08:31 PM
    Related Products DiBos version 8.0 to 8.7 BRS version 8.8 and later   Question How to configure LDAP in DiBos / BRS?   Answer See attached 8 screenshots which guide through the LDAP configuration. Known restrictions on the AD: - users and user groups must be located in the same directory in the AD - DiBos / BRS supports max. 1000 user groups in the AD - Comma separated user (ex. User, John) are not supported.
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:34 AM
    After changing the resolution of monitor to UHD (3840*2160), the attached monitors results always black.
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    ‎05-14-2018 11:09 AM
    Network switch has port security on and shuts down a NetApp iSCSI data port (e.g. CH3). This article is only relevant in aspects of network security / port security where MAC addresses are analysed. Some network security applications are capable of sniffing network packets thoroughly enough to pick up MAC addresses on E-Series Controller ports that are not seen in the Storage Array Profile data.
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    ‎05-14-2018 10:56 AM
    Memory leak on a Divar IP 7000 R2 triggered by Catalyst Control Center.
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