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    The normal process is to enable Complete memory dump, this will capture in the event there is an Unhandled Exception.
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    ‎08-25-2022 09:18 AM
    This article gives you the solution to fix the behavior when the recording doesn't work for VG4 AutoDome camera and when the Bosch logo is displayed in the cameo
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    ‎08-19-2022 10:00 AM
    Find out from this article what you must verify if multiple VSG instances are installed on the same HW
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    ‎08-15-2022 04:14 PM
    This article lists the initial troubleshooting steps and concrete instructions for collecting logging for issues with ONVIF cameras, added to BVMS system. We will classify the different issue scenarios one can have using ONVIF cameras in BVMS system. Depending on the issue the article lists the required logging to start initial troubleshooting.
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    ‎06-10-2022 08:48 AM
    This article explains what can you do when ‘Authentication failed’ message occurs when accessing VSG in BVMS v11.0
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    ‎12-17-2021 11:39 AM
    Question   Which is the VSG preparation to support ONVIF Profile T in BVMS 10.0?   Answer   Additionally to ONVIF profile S, BVMS 10.0 supports ONVIF profile T. Profile S concentrates on basic video streaming and configuration Profile T focuses on advanced video streaming like use of H.264, H265 encoding formats, HTTPS streaming and event definition is more precise there Profile T functionality is only supported for devices that are added over VSG For conditional and optional features please refer to the BVMS - ONVIF Device compatibility article. Functionalities available for all devices added over VSG (BVMS 10.0): The ONVIF relays are scanned automatically Relays can be added to the Logical Tree by drag& drop and triggered from there Thee relay status is automatically updated and signaled with an appropriate icon in Operator Client Status and triggering is possible over BVMS scripts Once ONVIF camera is added to VSG, its capabilities are automatically scanned In the “Add ONVIF encoder” dialog it was added a new device properties entry that shows weather AUX is supported by device. The AUX commands are sent to camera vis VSG and can be triggered for an ONVIF device on alarm. Note: most of the ONVIF cameras do not support all in Configuration Client available events   ONVIF vendor mapping:   ONVIF camera connection to VSG and BVMS Operator Client: Live video from ONVIF camera to VSG or Operator Client can be secured with a Secure connection check box in the Add/ Edit ONVIF Encoder dialog. The secure connection is not chosen by default. (Default HTTPS port is 443) If the live video does not have to be secured, it is possible to choose what protocol should be used: TCP, UDP, Multicast, UDP Unicast. Note: The protocol automatically is switched to TCP if Secure connection is chosen:   Ports used between ONVIF camera and VSG: RTP/RTSP/TCP (secured 😞 443 HTTPS: 443/ customizable (requires TCP)   RTP/RTSP/TCP (unsecured 😞 80 HTTPS: 80/ customizable (requires TCP)   Unicast/ Multicast UDP: has to be configured in a camera first control connection via http port (default port 80 or customizable/ RTSP port: 554)   Nice to know: For a better understanding of the  BVMS 10.0 - ONVIF camera integration with VSG , we   encourage  you to join our online Trainings from  Bosch Building Technologies Academy!
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    ‎11-29-2021 12:48 PM
    VSG is specifically designed to provide integration for 3rd party ONVIF, JPEG, RTSP, and legacy H.263 Bosch devices.
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    ‎10-26-2021 11:22 AM
    When dealing with 3rd party or VSG, it’s recommended to get at-least "1" I-frame every second (normal scene).
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    ‎10-26-2021 11:18 AM
    This recommendation could be applied if the storage is overloaded, as there are several Onvif cameras running through it.
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    ‎06-10-2021 12:29 AM
    It is possible to add ONVIF compliant cameras to Bosch Video Management System as live only devices or as VSG devices (then the cameras will also record). This article explains how to add an ONVIF camera as VSG device in full Bosch Video Management System (BVMS 10.1). We recommend using Bosch Workstations and Servers. They are fully tested and optimized for Bosch Video Management System.   Article requirements: BVMS installed ONVIF camera. Please refer to BVMS - ONVIF Device compatibility for additional information. PC/ Server/ Workstation
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    ‎04-05-2021 05:03 PM
    When Central Support Team provide assistance on a specific topic, at some point, customers may be asked to enable the VSG debug logging option. This article answers the question: Where can you find the "VSG debug logging" option in Configuration Client to enable/ disable it?
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