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    ‎03-27-2024 09:29 AM
    Milestone search tools (People & Vehicles) find results for other cameras. But the Bosch Forensic Search Agent finds zero results for DINION IP starlight 7000 FW v7.89. Why?
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    ‎01-03-2024 10:49 AM
    The way to get Metadata in Milestone is through the Bosch Enhanced Metadata Plug-in
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    ‎10-23-2023 01:25 PM
    If you have for e.g. a SNC-EM642R camera and you want to find out which device packs you need for your entire solution, follow the steps from this article.
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    ‎10-18-2023 04:16 PM
    Check this article and find the compatibility matrix between Bosch cameras and Milestone
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    ‎06-20-2023 04:03 PM
    The available cameras in the configuration dialog is controlled by 2 criteria: The camera needs to be a Bosch camera AND the camera needs to have some metadata recording available in XProtect
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    ‎06-20-2023 03:48 PM
    Are AMD CPUs / GPUs supported by the Bosch Dewarping plugin for Milestone XProtect?
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    ‎06-19-2023 01:18 PM
    This article explains what to do with missing metadata in Milestone XProtect.
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:58 PM
    This article explains what to do when a device scan from within Milestone XProtect is not exposing all Bosch cameras in the network.
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:49 PM
    XProtect offers 3 different modes of metadata streaming. What are the differences there?
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:36 PM
    The article describes how to receive analytic events from Bosch cameras in Milestone XProtect.
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:21 PM
    This article describes how to secure the data connection between Bosch cameras and Milestone's XProtect by the use of 'Authority-signed Certificates' 
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    ‎03-18-2022 03:13 PM
    This article describes how to use Milestone's PTZ  "Home" position with Bosch PTZ cameras.
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