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    Security: Video

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    3 weeks ago
    Check this article and find out the port of VideoJet X20/X40 XF that must be opened in the firewall for video stream transmission
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    ‎02-17-2022 04:46 PM
    This is an example on how to integrate 3rd party devices/software to trigger an event to take place on the encoder. 
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    ‎01-31-2022 11:28 AM
    Different devices, whether cameras or encoders, offer a different amount of processing power for video content analysis (VCA).
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    ‎10-26-2021 11:00 AM
    Find out from this article which Bosch encoders and decoders are compatible with BVMS
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    ‎07-27-2021 03:47 PM
    Answer This guide is meant to explain how you can find the connection state events of a camera in Operator Client - Bosch Video Management System.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:47 AM
    If your DINION IP Thermal 8000 (NHT-8000) camera is reporting blurred/unclear/unsharp images that are randomly appearing during the day, or the night, please follow the steps below in order to fix it.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:34 AM
    If you just added a device to BVMS, you get the possible stream options as per a “Config table” known to BVMS. In this case we have added the FlexiDome IP starlight 7000 VR: Please follow the steps below, if you wish to use the settings as per the devices   current   configured capabilities.
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    ‎04-05-2021 05:03 PM
    In certain situations of the support process for a particular product, the customer number and the material/ serial/ commercial type number of your Bosch device may be required. But where can you find them? The purpose of this article is to help you find this information in different ways.
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    ‎04-05-2021 04:08 PM
    This article describes how can you disable password Policy for Cameras/ Encoders and provide compatibility with older/ 3rd party systems.
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