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    ‎09-14-2021 09:35 AM
    VCA (Video content analysis) is the process of automatically analyzing video images to alarm on predefined events like the detection of moving objects in the monitored area or tampering with the camera. It can also be used to gather statistics about the detected objects.     Depending on the camera type, the following VCA algorithm are available in Bosch cameras: –   Intelligent Video Analytics: Mission-critical, long-distance intrusion detection in extreme weather conditions. Detection and tracking of moving objects. –   Intelligent Video Analytics Flow: Basic motion detection of cells in a grid with velocity and direction. Used for counter flow detection in crowds. –   Essential Video Analytics: Reliable video analytics for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses. Detection and tracking of moving objects. –   MOTION+: Basic change detection of cells in a grid. Can be used to trigger recordings. –   Tamper detection: Detects camera occlusion, turning away from the monitored scene, extreme lighting conditions and basic idle / removed object detection.   If you would like to stop this setting, please follow the steps below.
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    ‎05-12-2021 12:28 PM
    Answer Web Browsers: o Google Chrome o Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher o Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) o Mozilla Firefox   Important: When using browsers where Mpeg ActiveX is required → VCA, clock & date and recording dot point may not work. For a complete browser functionality, Mpeg ActiveX 6.34 or newer is needed and it is supported only by   Internet Explorer (IE). This is the only browser that allows the VA configuration option (for e.g.).   If you would like to avoid using IE and you want to   configure VA, it is recommended to   use Configuration Manager. According to the Release Letter, Configuration Manager is used for configuration and licensing of the various products. It includes Video SDK 6.3 and latest plug-ins for   VCA configuration. You can Download it from   here.   If you use Firefox, the issue below might arise. In this situation, IE browser/ CM is recommended to be used in order to access the missing elements. Firefox does not allow ActiveX elements . Therefore, some features are missing inside the webpage. Note: VCA related check boxes is fixed in 7.80 for Microsoft Edge. (7.80.0128 Release Letter)
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