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    3 weeks ago
    If you are interested in retrieving the stream of an IP camera using multicast, please check out the options from this article.
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    a month ago
    The unit can receive the time signal from a time server using various time server protocols and then use it to set the internal clock. The device polls the time signal automatically once every minute. To check the NTP connection from the camera please follow this article.
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    ‎02-09-2023 10:55 AM
    In some cases the IVA tasks can get lost after firmware update, but you can avoid this by copying the IVA configuration. There are 2 ways. In both ways it's not guaranteed that all task shall work afterwards since new firmware version can contain a new IVA version with new features.
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    ‎01-24-2023 11:40 AM
    How to detect in an easy and convenient way if the camera suffers from a failing shutter mechanism which can result in white or ghost images? This article helps you to identify if the camera possibly suffers from a random failing shutter which uses the FFC (Flat Field Correction) instead of waiting for the FFC taking place approx every ~10min, you can now fire it on command.
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    ‎01-19-2023 09:25 AM
    A network management server can poll the health status of a device via SNMP requests. This article shows how to configure Bosch cameras in order to be able to answer to such requests.
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    ‎01-19-2023 09:23 AM
    Please keep in mind that for SNMP v3 only the the Standard MIB II file is supported. This means that only general network device performance monitoring parameters can be requested. There is no Bosch Private MIB II extension for SNMP v3. 
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    ‎12-21-2022 04:25 PM
    The Project Assistant offers two ways of importing existing project data Importing a .bpassist file or importing from a tab-separated text file
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    ‎12-21-2022 12:41 PM
    To guarantee high quality imaging through the entire range of products, Bosch Security Systems uses a Common Product Platform (CPP).
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    ‎11-25-2022 08:21 AM
    Check this article and find out what you can do if you are using one Divar network 2000 and you have a new Flexidome IP 5000i IR camera, but you cannot add it to the Divar because it is not displayed in “Detection” > “Device search” screen.
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    ‎11-24-2022 12:25 PM
    Find out from this article where you can find the installation code needed to license a Bosch camera
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    ‎11-17-2022 04:55 PM
    The browser supported by Bosch cameras depends on the CPP that camera belongs to and on the Firmware version the camera has.. In web browsers that do not support MPEG-ActiveX, VCA configuration is only possible via Configuration Manager.
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    ‎11-16-2022 04:18 PM
    Depending on the FW version of cameras and BVMS version you have installed, different possible situations can occur such as: the cameras are not working because the firmware is old, Configuration Client will display a message like: "unknown platform", Gaps in recordings or not recording at all and so on
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    ‎10-28-2022 01:22 PM
    Whenever a central NTP Server is available the recommendation is to synchronize all cameras against the NTP central server.
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    ‎10-21-2022 03:00 PM
    Find out from this article what might be the cause that could lead to this message being displayed: “error 18: wrong or no signature”
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    ‎07-28-2022 11:53 AM
    Follow the instructions from this article and find out how you can activate a license on your Bosch camera.
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    ‎01-24-2022 02:25 PM
    The IP camera address is always the key if you would like to monitor or remote viewing it. Like any network device, the camera is assigned an IP address when it is connected to the router with Internet access and powered on. Here we will introduce 3 ways to find the network camera IP address quickly and easily.
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    ‎09-06-2021 02:19 PM
    Not all Cisco PoE+ switches are able to power up the UHO-PoE-10 or VSP-UHO-PoE-10 outdoor housing (F.01U.300.502, F.01U.332.052). Bosch has introduced the UHO-PoE-10 in 2014 following the IEEE802.3-2009 standards Cisco claims that the Bosch UHO-PoE-10 at startup for a short moment (around 1 micro second) exceeds maximum current peek allowed by the updated IEEE 802.3-2015 standard, allowing the PSE (Power Source Equipment) to withdraw the power as a protective measure. Due to analogue overcurrent protector components in the Cisco switch it can happen that tolerances may cause variety in behavior over different Cisco switches, even when the same model and setups are used. Currently this behavior is only known on some Cisco models. (reports were seen on C2960X, C3560CX and recently C9200.)  
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    ‎08-23-2021 09:07 AM
    This article informs about improvements in firmware handling and new security mechanisms that help our customers to increase security related to firmware updates and IP camera protection.
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    ‎08-05-2021 01:20 PM
    The default Community Strings for Bosch cameras is - public. To change it, please follow the steps below.
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    ‎07-27-2021 03:47 PM
    Answer This guide is meant to explain how you can find the connection state events of a camera in Operator Client - Bosch Video Management System.
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