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    ‎03-05-2021 09:19 AM
    Question What's new in version 2.0.0? Answer  ## New design The user interface has been reworked for version 2.0.0 ## Intuitive camera calibration The new camera calibration tool easily guides you through the calibration process with detailed step-by-step instructions in order to optimize the Video Analytics capabilities. This functionality is only available on tablets and for the windows version. ## Reports Project reports now also include the WLAN status of cameras of the FLEXIDOME IP 8000i series. ## Proxy support (Windows only) Access your cameras via a proxy server. The Windows version is available in the Bosch Download Store and the Android respectively iOS versions are available in the respective stores. Or you can use the (auto) update (check) functionality of the app. Best regards, Your Bosch Security App Team
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    ‎09-10-2020 02:59 PM
    +++ Update: new [dns] tag available since PA1.4 +++  The template file can now be extended to using the tag [dns] for importing the DNS server address. This now also allows you to import URLs for the time server address, not only IP addresses. Intro: The Project Assistant offers two ways of importing existing project data: Option 1) Importing a .bpassist file, which was exported from the app at some point and which contains all information and data ever created/entered inside the app for that specific project. Simply select the "Project Assistant" mode >> click "continue" >> and press "import". Option 2) Importing from a tab-separated text file. This option may be useful, if you have existing project data, e.g. in an Excel spreadsheet, which you want to transfer into the Project Assistant for further use. This article deals with option 2 and explains the steps potentially needed before you can refer to the steps explained in the following Youtube video ("Import from file"). Let's assume you already have existing project data prepared in an Excel spreadsheet and you want to transfer that data into a format that can be imported to the Project Assistant Go to the Bosch Security Systems DownloadStore and download the provided template file "example_project_import_report_template.txt" or the NEW Excel file " 2019_02_20_example_project_IMPORT_template.xlsx" , which also includes detailed instructions and explanations on each parameter. Import the .txt template file into Excel by opening the template file with Excel and following these steps:  Select "delimited" as well as "My data has headers." Select "Tab" in the Delimiters section and finish up the Excel import by pressing "Finish". INSTEAD, you can also use the NEW Excel file, where you can avoid the above described initial import step of the .txt file.   [Option A] According to the provided data columns, copy and paste your existing data from your initial spreadsheet file into the template file (you do not need to populate every column of the template) [Option B] This option works the other way around. Use the Project Assistant header tags, e.g. [ip], [mac], etc., which you can find in the template file and add these tags to the column headers in your initial Excel spreadsheet (cf. screenshot below). The Project Assistant is capable of searching the .txt import file for these tags and of filtering out the corresponding columns (no matter the order of the columns). Go to "Save As" in Excel and save the newly populated template file as a "Unicode Text (*.txt")" file   Transfer the file to where you can find it with the Project Assistant and start the app Create a new project Set a password for the project itself as well as default passwords for the cameras that you would like to assign That's it - Now it is time to refer to the Youtube video mentioned above Enjoy using the Project Assistant and feel free to share your feedback with us!   Note: By the way, the column tagged [info] in the tab-separated file corresponds to the "comments" text box in the app. So if you have any information that helps you describe the camera better, e.g. where it is to be mounted, you can add this info in the corresponding cell of the respective camera. 
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    ‎06-24-2020 09:46 AM
    Dear community, I want to encourage you to check out one of our latest customer success stories (link) demonstrating the increase in efficiency when leveraging the interplay between Project Assistant, Remote Portal and Configuration Manager. "Project Assistant easily cut our camera installation labor by 30%," said Daniel Russello, President of AppNet. Please stay tuned, there is more to come.
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    ‎06-24-2020 09:31 AM
    Question What's new in version 1.4.1? Answer This is bug fix version that only applies to Windows users as it improves compatibility with Windows 10 Version 2004 and higher. As usual, you can find the latest version in the Bosch Download Store or you use the (auto) update (check) functionality of the app. Best regards, Your Bosch Security App Team
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    ‎05-29-2020 05:28 PM
    Dear community, The Project Assistant has been around for almost 2 years now and we are wondering how it has affected your way of working? The initial idea of the Project Assistant is nicely summarized in this video: Feel free to share you experiences and best practices with us - here in the community using the comment section below 🙂 Stay tuned and healthy Your Bosch Security App Team
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    ‎04-17-2020 05:45 PM
    Question What's new in version 1.4.0? Answer   ## Bosch Remote Portal ## Easily register cameras to the Bosch Remote Portal - the IoT hub to connect all Bosch BT products. For End-Customers and Installers it provides device management and value-added services as well as camera application management benefits. ## Faster configuration ## Cameras delivered with firmware version 7.10 and newer do not require a reboot anymore when changing the IP address or other network settings. This version of the Project Assistant takes this into account, speeding up the commissioning process even more. ## Specify DNS server address ## A DNS server address is now supported in the application. Now you can simply add a time server URL or connect your cameras, with static IP addresses, to the Bosch Remote Portal. We always appreciate feedback, which you can share here our Knowledge Base as well as as via email ( Thank you and please stay safe in these challenging times. Your Bosch Security App Team PS: The Windows version will be available shortly in our Download Area and the Android respectively iOS versions will made available in the stores once the publishing process completed.
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    ‎01-29-2020 05:41 PM
    In situations when you need to commission a camera that it not yet connected to the network and / or has no power supply, the Bosch portable installation tool can help: Fast on-site commissioning solution with Bosch Project Assistant app Highly portable, lightweight and compact installation tool Rechargeable high capacity Lithium-ion battery No dependency on available network and power infrastructure The following video shows you how to connect the device and how to configure it in order to align the device's and the cameras' target network  settings: This is the old way as for Project Assistant versions < 1.3:   This is the easier and more convenient way introduced with Project Assistant 1.3.1: 1) Project Mode 2) Single Camera Mode   Restrictions: Wi-Fi interaction between the Bosch Portable Installation Tool and the Project Assistant differs slightly between the three platforms (Windows, iOS and Android). Please refer to the videos above for details Automatic detection of the tool’s Wi-Fi access point within the app might not work, if the tool was previously connected to / added to the list known Wi-Fi networks in the phone’s or PC’s Wi-Fi settings, i.e. the first time connection was established outside of the Project Assistant. Remove the tool’s Wi-Fi network from the list of known networks of your phone/PC and re-connect from within the Project Assistant. Wi-Fi access point is set to factory default by pressing the reset button on the (physical) Wi-Fi module of the Bosch Portable Installation tool   Yours sincerely,   Your Bosch Security App Team
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    ‎09-24-2019 09:39 AM
    Question What's new in version 1.3.1? Answer Dear users, thank you for working with the Bosch Project Assistant. Based on your feedback, we have introduced the following improvements and features to make its use even more effective and enjoyable: • Sorting option on project overview page • Easier and faster removal of cameras from a project • Time server support • Re-commissioning support for VRM-managed cameras (focus on Flexidome IP 8000i) • Configuration mismatch (between project/app and camera) resolution dialog • Integration of Bosch Portable camera installation tool (NPD-3001-WAP), i.e. automatic detection of its wireless access point, management of multiple tools, and configuration of the tool’s network settings within the app Please check out the updated article " How-to: connect to and configure the portable camera installation tool ". Here we have added new videos that help you to get started and which explain the sepcifics of the different platforms - iOS, Android and Windows. Enjoy! Your Bosch Security App Team PS: For details, please have a look at the latest release letter in our Bosch Security Download Area.
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    ‎09-03-2019 01:41 PM
    Dear users, have you ever wondered how to best transition from the Project Assistant to (B)VMS? This article aims at providing you a recommendation and the answer is quite simple: Use the Project Assistant to its full extent and once the cameras are connected to the target network, perform a network scan using the BVMS Configuration Client, to add the respective cameras to the system. The remaining fine-grained settings can then be tackled within BVMS.  For details, please check out the attached presentation. Let us know, if you have further questions and share your comments below. Best regards, Your Bosch Security App Team    
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    ‎05-23-2019 07:45 AM
    Question  What's new in version 1.2? Answer Next to general stability improvements and bug fixes, version 1.2 of the Project Assistant introduces the following new features: Support of Flexidome IP 8000i Wi-Fi camera with regard to wireless commissioning .txt file import now supports tags to be somewhere in the column header, e.g. “IP address [ip]”, where for version 1.1 only the [ip] tag was allowed in the column header exclusively Software sealing support for cameras with firmware 6.60+ Extended report information Related News Project Assistant project file import functionality in Configuration Manager 6.10 Bosch portable camera installation tool is available and can be used in combination with the Project Assistant (check out the corresponding how-to video in this community)   PS: For detailed information, please refer to the release letter attached.
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    ‎05-20-2019 04:54 PM
    Question What's new or fixed in Project Assistant 1.2.3? Answer This release concentrates on general stability improvements and bug fixes. We could address three findings thanks to your feedback: Keyboards on Samsung devices sometimes got stuck (Android only) Dropbox sync showed unexpected behavior when sharing a project Wireless Connectivity Flexidome IP 8000i: “Camera found nearby – connect” dialog although being properly connected to the camera already
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    ‎02-22-2019 11:41 AM
    Question  What's new or fixed in Project Assistant 1.2.2? Answer Next to general stability improvements and bug fixes, version 1.2.2 of the Project Assistant introduces the following new feature on all three platforms: Allow re-configuration of a camera, e.g. wirelessly adjust the field of view of a FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i , while local recording is running. One bug fix worth mentioning explicitly is that we addressed a connectivity issue, which was faced, when connecting wirelessly to multiple FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i cameras one after another. Related News We have published a new Excel template file that makes the import of existing information into the Project Assistant even easier. Feel free to check out the updated Knowledge Base article. Further information can be found in the release letter attached. Best regards, Your Project Assistant Team!
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    ‎01-15-2019 02:21 PM
    Version 1.2.1 has been released for iOS only. It resolves an issue when trying to connect wirelessly to a FLEXIDOME IP 8000i camera. There was an issue where the operating system blocked the Wi-Fi access.
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    ‎12-06-2018 09:40 AM
    With the introduction of the Configuration Manager 6.10, we will make the transition from one tool to the other smoother by offering an import feature, which allows you to import all cameras from a .bpassist project file without having to re-enter the individual credentials of each device. The feature allows you to: import one or multiple encrypted .bpassist project files at once automatic integration of device credentials check the software seal information to make sure configuration of each device has not been tampered with integrate the project file grouping into your existing structure create a backup of your system configuration after a successful import   Example: Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Import Project Assistant File..."    Select one or more .bpassist files that you want to import    After entering the project file passwords, the Configuration Manager can decypt the files and you will then be prompted with an overview of the project file content Choose where in your existing structure you want to integrate the new devices ("Import to group" section) Verify project file content Select, whether you want to create a backup after import Select, whether you want to keep the project file groups after import After successful import, you can find all newly added devices in your target directory  
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    ‎12-06-2018 03:48 PM
    For larger projects, where many cameras need to be commissioned, the question might come up on how to tackle it in the most efficient way using the Project Assistant. In the end, a Project Assistant file can comprise up to 500 cameras. Especially if multiple contributors perform the commissioning step in parallel, you need an appropriate approach. For visualization reasons, let's use a simple example. Let's imagine we have a project that comprises 500 new cameras in total. 250 cameras for building A and another 250 cameras for building B. Here are two options: Creating multiple (sub-) projects and merge them in Configuation Manager If you cannot use Dropbox for synchronisation via the cloud, you can simply create 2 projects - one for building A and one for building B. Both projects can be prepared ahead of time, e.g. in the office, and exported in order to share them. Sharing the exported as well as encrypted project files can be done via E-mail, thumb drive, any of the major cloud storage services, etc.*. Now let's assume that there is one contributor working on building A and one working on building B. After each contributor has commissioned his or her 250 cameras each, they can themselves export the project files. To re-combine or merge both sub-projects, we have introduced a Project Assistant project file import feature in our Bosch Configuration Manager 6.10. This feature allows you to conveniently import multiple project files at once and to easily integrate them into your existing system structure. Please, check out the corresponding "How to import project files into Configuration Manager 6.10" article in this community. * Restrictions due to project file size might apply depending on the sharing medium. The synchronization functionality is only available for Dropbox. Using the Dropbox Synchronization feature This feature let's you plan and preprare a project ahead of time, e.g. in the office, which can then be shared via Dropbox with multiple other contributors as needed. That means everyone that was "invited" to work on this project has access to the same project file, where there is only one "master" version residing in the cloud that is accessed and synchronized via Dropbox. Consequently, you can avoid managing multiple versions of the same project file. Therefore, depending on the internet connectivity of all contributor's devices, you can see the real-time progress of the project, no matter if you are in building A, building B or even in the office. All updates to the project are immediately synced via Dropbox among all contributors. If you want to know how to setup it up, please check out the following videos:   Of course, the Project Assistant project file import feature in our Bosch Configuration Manager 6.10 is also available for futher configuration and system integration for this option, as well.
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    ‎11-06-2018 12:51 PM
    Symptoms When scanning a QR or Data Matrix code on a label using the Project Assistant app, it can happen that you get an error message that the MAC address cannot be found (1) or that only part of the address is correctly extracted (2). Diagnosis  First of all, there are different types of labels: product labels (on the device) box labels (on the outside of the box/packaging) installer / UX labels (inside the box /packaging) Symptom (1) can only happen when scanning a product label because some QR or Data Matrix codes do not contain a MAC address, depending on the product, even though the MAC address is available in plain text right next to the code.   The box and installer label codes, however, always contain the MAC address information. Symptom (2) can happen when scanning certain installer labels due to legacy formatting. Solution We have further standardized the labels so that the symptoms mentioned above will be resolved. There will be a transition period, however. As an alternative for symptom 1, you will have smooth experience when preferably scanning the box label. If you encounter symptom 2, we ask you to enter the MAC address manually or use the December 2018 release of the Project Assistant (version 1.2) PS: For full transparancy on QR code / Data Matrix content and/or troubleshooting purposes, you can use conventional code scanning apps available in the resepective app stores.
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    ‎09-10-2018 01:43 PM
    Use the project assistant to commission multi-camera projects and generate project reports. Available for Windows and iOS and Android. (status 2018-08-06 / Version 1.1)
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    ‎09-10-2018 01:37 PM
    The name that you assign to a camera in the Project Assistant is currently not displayed in the Configuration Manager device list.  This will be fixed with the next version of the Project Assistant, which is planned to be released in November 2018.   Current experience: Setting camera name in Project Assistant   Current Configuration Manager view (based on Project Assistant version 1.1) Camera name is only displayed in the "Camera name" section on the right-hand side, not in the device list on the left. You only see the camera's IP address.
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