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    ‎02-19-2020 02:29 PM
    Symptoms The password for the local admin and diagnostic port is set to the same starting with E2800 controller firmware 11.40.2 or later. In case a user does not know his password any longer, it is not possible to reset and re-configure this password by using the diagnostic port  (serial port on the rear side near the uplink ports of the controller). With controller firmware older than 11.40.2 it was possible to reset the Administrator Password needed for configuration. But older NetApp controller firmware cannot and must not be used any longer due to other technical reasons. When accessing the Management Port IP to enter the WEB GUI of the NetApp E2800 system for configuraiton or support data collection, the Administrator Password is required. For the time being this is reported to NetApp to work out a solution for all NetApp customers and BOSCH.  Solution and Procedure: Right now, BOSCH and our customers have no documented instruciton or procedure to remove / reset the password. We are working ont hat with high preassure and awareness. We kindly ask all customers requiring access to the configuraiton but having not the Administrator Password on hand for configuraiton, to reach out to BOSCH support and ask to sent the requewst immediately up to a Levle 3 Ticket to the Gatekeeper team at BOSCH BT-SC/ETP-MKP2 or BT-VS Support in the BU. 
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    ‎01-27-2020 11:55 AM
    Potential for Data Inconsistency Issues on E-Series Storage Systems With the controller firmware 11.50.1 and newer version like NetApp controller firmware 11.50.2 an issues are fixed by NetApp, which enforce an immediate update of all E2800 iSCSI Storage Systems (their controllers). In July 2019 BOSCH announced the need to update from all former NetApp controller firmware to newer versions. At that time the Firmware for NetApp E2800 controller recommended was version NetApp Firmware 11.50R1. This is also announced by NetApp on their support websites (see Bosch approval 31st of January 2018 Bosch approval 7th of May 2019 Bosch approval  20th of September 2019 not approved NetApp Firmware no longer allowed for usage NetApp Firmware: 11.50.R1 no longer allowed for usage NetApp Firmware: 11.50.2 currently shipped by Netapp via BOSCH NetApp Firmware: 11.50.2P1 11.50.3 11.60 Please follow our BOSCH Knowledge Base and monitor for updates at this article for important news. Eventhough NetApp inbuild functions for BOSCH video optimized recording 24/7 and generic firmware is used at E2800 iSCSI storage systems, BOSCH is evaluating new firmware versions provided by NetApp on a regular bases. The BOSCH submodel ID 356 ensures that the NetApp system is optimized for 24/7 video recording. Products affected: All DSA E-Series (E2800 12-bay) and DSA E-Series (E2800 60-bay) Example product variants: DSA-N2E8X4-12AT Base unit 12x4TB High-performance and high-capacity storage system base unit with iSCSI disk arrays, single controller. DSA E2800, 12 x 4 TB HDD, Order number DSA-N2E8X4-12A DSA-N2C8X4-12AT Dual controller unit 12x4TB High-performance and high-capacity storage system base unit with iSCSI disk arrays, dual controller. DSA E2800, 12 x 4 TB HDD, Order number DSA-N2C8X4-12AT Note: There are other models with various HDD capacity (e.g. 8TB harddrives and larger) available For more details visit the BOSCH product website Summary of issue NetApp® has become aware of issues that could occur when an E-Series controller reboots at certain points during the evacuation of data from a drive that is performed as part of the sequence when a drive is being failed by the controller. As a result, there is a small possibility of data inconsistency on controllers running certain versions of E-Series SANtricity® OS controller software.   Issue Description First announced in 06/2019: The issues are possible on E-Series controllers running 8.30, 8.40, 11.30, 11.40, and 11.50 versions of E-Series SANtricity OS controller software. The overall probability of these issues occurring is very low, but RAID 1 volumes have a higher probability of encountering the issues than other RAID levels or NetApp Dynamic Disk Pools. These issues do not affect traditional RAID volume groups that have no global hot spare drives because drive evacuation does not occur in this configuration. For information about fixes in these releases, view the readme notes for each revision release. Workaround No workaround available. Controller Firmware update is needed. HDD Firmware update is not in relation to the descdribed issue here, but it is in general recommended to install the latest offered HDD firmware that is recommended by BOSCH and NetApp. The same applies for HDD firmware.   Solution: Update the NetApp Controller Firmware Upgrade E-Series SANtricity OS controller software to the latest applicable revision release for each platform as soon as possible. Please reach out to your local BOSCH technical team and BOSCH BT-SC/ETP-MKP team to ensure that the relevant NetApp Firmware has been approved to be usable for 24/7 video recording and replay use case. Even the global NetApp Firmware can be installed on BOSCH submodel ID 356 Where to get the Controller Firmware All customers with a full NetApp NOW support account can download the controller firmware by using the own NetApp user account. All other customers are requested to contact the BOSCH Support organisation. The controller firmware package can be downloaded fro mthe NetApp website directly.  Revisions can be found at See also:  Additional information is available at NetApp and accessible after user registration. First go to to register. Product Release Notes from NetApp: NetApp Support Bulletin, please view the following URL: (As the URL can change any time by NetApp, search for the KB id 1086731) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps to update The E-Series SANtricity ® OS package includes data for simplex controller and duplex controller systems and the firmware file itself. NVSRAM File for for duplex. NVSRAM file for simplex and the controller firmware Download the latest SANtricity OS software files from the NetApp Support Site to your management client. From SANtricity System Manager, select Support > Upgrade Center . In the area labeled “SANtricity OS Software upgrade,” click NetApp Support . On the NetApp Support Site, click the Downloads tab, and then select Software . Locate E-Series/EF-Series SANtricity OS (Controller Firmware) . For the platform, select E2800 , and click Go! Select the version of SANtricity OS (Controller Firmware) you want to install, and click View & Download . Follow the online instructions to complete the file download. Attention: Risk of data loss or risk of damage to the storage array — Do not make changes to the storage array while the upgrade is occurring. Maintain power to the storage array.
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    ‎05-18-2018 11:58 AM
    Configure a singe mode VIF on NetApp array.
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