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    ‎07-02-2021 10:31 PM
    There are two methods of working with 3 rd   party apps: through Remote Portal and Configuration Manager. The methods using the Configuration Manager can be used both with an online system (cameras connected to the internet) and an   offline system   (no internet connection to local system). Once apps are installed on the camera, the configuration interface for each app can be accessed through the Local App Management Console on the camera. No internet connection required.   In this article you will find the step-by-step guide where is described the method using Configuration Manager.
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    ‎06-30-2021 04:04 PM
    One of the reason why UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is enabled in our devices is because ONVIF uses this to scan the ONVIF device in the network. If you don’t need to scan ONVIF devices in the network using ONVIF method, you can switch of the SSDP Discovery Service. SSDP protocol can discover Plug & Play devices, with uPnP (Universal Plug and Play). SSDP uses unicast and multicast address ( SSDP is HTTP like protocol and work with NOTIFY and M-SEARCH methods. " " is Bosch Multicast discovery address. When you block this address you cannot scan devices via multicast
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    ‎06-21-2021 11:29 AM
    Question How does the "zoom threshold" function work for Bosch cameras in Configuration Manager?   Answer By checking the   Zoom threshold box   you will select the current zoom position at which the mask will appear as the camera zooms in or be hidden as the camera zooms out. Privacy Masking:   The ability to mask out a specific area to prevent it from being viewed in order to comply with privacy laws and particular site requirements
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    ‎06-18-2021 04:12 PM
    Before you can operate your VIDEOJET decoder 7000/ 8000 within your network, it must have a valid  IP address  for your  network and a compatible subnet mask. This articles explains how you can change the IP Address of VIDEOJET decoder 7000/ 8000 using Configuration Manager.
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    ‎06-18-2021 03:36 PM
    When  login Remote Portal in Configuration Manager v7.20.0067, the following error message is displayed "The remote name could not be resolved:" Solution
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    ‎06-10-2021 11:16 AM
      Question   Which .NET Framework version is required for Configuration Manager v7.30?   Answer   .NET Framework is the original implementation of .NET. It supports running websites, services, desktop apps, and more on Windows. The system requirements for Configuration Manager state .NET 4.7.2 as necessary to be installed. .NET 4.7.2 is considered an operating system component under responsibility of Microsoft. If you operate in an offline CCTV network environment, please make sure that you have the .NET Framework 4.7.2 downloaded with the Configuration Manager v7.30 installer. Otherwise, the message below might appear and if you don’t have internet access you will be not able to use CM v7.30 WARNING: Configuration Manager v7.30 installation package does not provide .NET Framework 4.7.2.
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    ‎04-29-2021 09:06 AM
    The   Clear   button on the   Configuration Manager   is designed to clear the codes that are self-generated by the IP firmware or the Configuration Manager itself. Follow the steps below, if you want the "Clear" button from Configuration Manager to able to erase the Alarm task script that are self created by users themselves.   Step-by-step guide   When you create your alarm task script, add it within an opening quotes which then the   Clear   button will be able to erase all those codes within the quotes. Alternatively, create your own quotes within your script by following the below rules. In the  Below example,   //{{MyScript_start   is inserted before any script and   //}}Myscript_end   is inserted at the end of the script. By doing this, the   Clear   button will now be able to recognize and detect the manual scripts created by user and erase them.   Example: //{{Myscript_start ControlCode auxon1:={Operation(AuxOn)Number(1)}; if(Motion(1))then auxon1; //r1_o1 //}}Myscript_end
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