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    ‎03-21-2019 11:14 AM
    Related Products: BVMS Operator Client, BRS Overview: BVMS CS gets from BRS the camera states and the events. BVMS OC connects to BRS for camera live view and playback. The BVMS OC to BRS connection is DCOM based (BVMS CS to BRS connection - either web services or DCOM). Troubleshooting and information providing steps: 1. Connectivity issues between BVMS OC and BRS. We speak for BVMS OC to BRS connectivity issue when: BVMS CC scans the BRS and BVMS CS gets the camera states and events (red dot on camera icon when the camera is recording for example) but BVMS OC get no live view or playback from the BRS cameras.      Step 1.  Check if the cameras are correctly configured in BRS and that BRS itself gets live view and recording from the cameras Step 2. DCOM "ConnectionServer" is not registered correctly. "dcomcnfg.exe" navigate to "Component Services - Computers - My Computer - DCOM Config" check if entry "ConnectionServer" is listed. if there is no such entry, register the ConnectionServer out of the installation dir. Open console and navigate to the BVMS installation DCOM directory, e.g. C:\Porgram files (x86)\Bosch\VMS\DCOM type "ConnectionServer.exe /regserver" - press enter refresh DCOMconfig window and check if entry "ConnectionServer" is listed. Restart OC and BRS cameras should work. Step 3. Check and correct the DCOM settings on OC. start dcomcnfg go to Computer and then to MyComputer right click on MyComputer and open properties switch to DCOM-Security Go one after other to both tabs "Edit Limits" and for the accounts "Everyone" and "Anonymous" check all the checkers under the option "Allow" restart the PC   2. BVMS OC doesn’t get BRS cameras Live View, but playback from the same cameras works. Reproduce the issue, note the date and time. Is there other BVMS OC machine where the liveview works as expected? Is the live view working in BRS itself? provide the answer to the above questions and the BVMS OC Configuration Collector Logs to technical support   3. BVMS OC doesn’t get playback from BRS cameras, but gets live view from the same cameras Does the BVMS OC find the time line of the recording? Is it possible to get the playback of the camera on the BRS Appliance itself? Is there other BVMS OC machine where the playback works as expected? Is the playback working in BRS itself? Reproduce the issue provide the answer to the above questions and the BVMS OC Configuration Collector Logs to technical support
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:39 AM
    This article describes how to deploy Microsoft Security Updates on a BRS Appliance
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:24 PM
    Related Products Bosch Recording Station Video Jet X Series BRS   Question Is it possible to control an AutoDome connected to VideoJet X Series via Bilinx?   Answer In BRS 8.8.1 Bilinx over Encoder only works for devices connected via VSDKPluginModule. Current supported devices are VIP-X1600-XFM4B and VIP-X1XF. VideoJet X series are connected per default via VCSModule, which does not support Bilinx communication. To be able to control Bilinx devices on VideoJet X series please configure the following work around: 1. In BRS Configuration > IP Cameras and encoders > Scan network (VideoJetX is found) and add VideoJetX device to BRS 2. Click VideoJetX and click Edit 3. In tab General settings select Device Type BVIP H.264 4. In tab Dome settings mark Activate and select Connection Bilinx/IP Dome Now the AutoDome can be controlled via Bilinx. Note: Due to performance reasons do not change the encoder stream from MPEG-4 SH++ to H.264 streaming! Only change the device type in BRS.
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    ‎05-21-2018 08:31 PM
    Related Products DiBos version 8.0 to 8.7 BRS version 8.8 and later   Question How to configure LDAP in DiBos / BRS?   Answer See attached 8 screenshots which guide through the LDAP configuration. Known restrictions on the AD: - users and user groups must be located in the same directory in the AD - DiBos / BRS supports max. 1000 user groups in the AD - Comma separated user (ex. User, John) are not supported.
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    ‎05-21-2018 08:36 PM
    Related Products Bosch Recording Station (BRS) version 8.9 and later   Question I cannot configure UDP tunneling on BRS. Network cards are grayed out.   Answer Under certain circumstances BRS NetLimiter may become not registered. The network cards are not shown in Configuration > Security and Network > Network settings. In that case, register BRS NetLimiter manually: 1. Close BRS application 2. Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services > Bosch Networking Service    a) Set "Startup Type" to "disabled"    b) Stop service    c) In a console window with administrative rights, enter "C:\Program Files\Bosch\Recording Station\NetLimiterServer" /service    d) Set "Startup Type" to "Automatic"    e) Start service 3. Start BRS application
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