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    ‎10-09-2020 09:57 AM
    Do you want to configure the 3rd party iSCSI storage with different LUNs for recording more cameras without Bosch VRM? This article explains you if this application is supported.
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    ‎04-24-2020 02:11 PM
    Symptoms In rare cases userc might have seen random reboots of the NetApp E2800 contorllers in a simplex controller E2800 iSCSI storage system or dual controller E2800 iSCSI storage system. For example Order number: DSA-N6C8X4-60AT, DSA-N6C8X8-60AT, DSA-N6C8XA-60AT,  DSA-N6C8XC-60AT, DSA-N6C8XC-60AT as well as others like: Commercial Type No. DSA-N2E8X4-12AT /  Product No. F.01U.346.434,  Commercial Type No. DSA-N2C8X4-12AT / Product No. F.01U.346.474, Commercial Type No. DSA-N2E8X8-12AT / Product No. F.01U.346.477, Commercial Type No. DSA-N2C8X8-12AT / Product No. F.01U.346.479, Commercial Type No. DSA-N2E8XC-12AT / Product No. F.01U.361.550, Commercial Type No. DSA-N2C8XC-12AT /  Product No. F.01U.361.549, Diagnosis Only for those useres recognizing such a E2800 iSCSI sysstem controller did show an unplanned reboot, can consult the NetApp Major Event Log (MEL). Customers reported this to BOSCH using a NetApp controller firmware 11.40, 11.50.2 or 11.50.R2.  Based on that Bosch immediately contacted NetApp and requested support solutions from NetApp. Solution A basic step when dealing with technical questions for NetApp E2800 iSCSI storage systems is, to register the system with Serial No. by using the following registration form:  NetApp and BOSCH want to inform, that we expect  a new SANtricity firmware, provided by NetApp, which will contains a fix for the controller random reboot issue which were reported back to Bosch by some customers. The firmware version /  SANtricitiy firmware for E2800 iSCSI models  is delayed and planned for May 2020. As this NetApp SANtricity firmware is desigend by NetApp for BOSCH use cases with 24/7 video recording + replay and even worst case situations during a running reconstruct, this Firmware is not yet available via NetApp NOW. NetApp agreed with BOSCH to cover all improvements and fixes in a global and public release around June/July 2020. BOSCH will inform here in this article about the comming release when available.
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