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    ‎02-22-2023 01:48 PM
    If  ‘Calibration upload to camera failed’ for CPP7.3 & CPP13 Bosch cameras please follow the below steps: Upgrade Configuration Manager to version 7.61. This must be used in combination with CPP13 Firmware 8.45 or later  
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    ‎12-13-2022 03:27 PM
    This article shows how  the image quality of AUTODOME inteox 7000i & comparison with AUTODOME 5000i IR camera image can be improved.
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    ‎10-20-2022 10:13 AM
    The Dashboard has a Maximum temperature that exceeds 80 Degrees C and the camera will display "Status 8" when the internal temperature is above 80 Deg C.
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    ‎02-16-2022 05:05 PM
    New generation of Bosch cameras: no default password, the user has to create one
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    ‎11-22-2022 03:26 PM
    Find out in this article the Bosch Inteox cameras portfolio with the New Features
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    ‎12-22-2021 05:51 PM
    This article contains the options for physical/ default reset of Bosch Inteox cameras.
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    ‎06-18-2021 04:03 PM
    Question Why the Autodome 7000i INTEOX cannot connect to the S&ST Cloud services?   Answer Most likely, when you tried to connect to the S&ST ecosystem, you missed one of the steps explained in this article: How to connect a Bosch INTEOX camera to S&ST using Configuration Manager?   If you are sure that you have followed correctly the steps from the article above, please collect from camera: Diagnostics logs Config file with log in credentials Event logs How to collect logs from your Bosch IP Camera/Encoder? Please check if the the following message is displayed in the logs: ✅ Tip "Not connecting (CC enabled: true; Network connection: true; MQTT client ready: true; NTP enabled: false)" → this indicates that you didn't turn on the NTP which is a prerequisite to connect to the cloud back-end  Please enable the timeserver and make sure the time of the camera is synchronized with a public time-server when connecting to the S&ST cloud.   Note: NTP synchronization is necessary if the camera is going to be claimed in the portal. Please refer also to the Help & Support page:  Claiming cameras
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    ‎01-12-2023 04:55 PM
    This article explains how to connect an INTEOX camera to the S&ST ecosystem using Configuration Manager (7.20 and later).
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