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    ‎06-09-2021 11:24 PM
    This article explains how to connect an INTEOX camera to the S&ST ecosystem using Configuration Manager (7.20 and later). Nice to know: For a better understanding of using the  Bosch Remote Portal, S&ST ecosystem and INTEOX cameras , we encourage you to join our   online Inteox product line introduction training  from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!
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    ‎08-05-2021 01:43 PM
    Please upgrade your camera to the latest FW version available on   Download Area webpage   (go to the Firmware tab > select Cameras and Encoders > INTEOX > click “Select” button) > download the latest firmware and upgrade your camera Default camera to factory setting after FW upgrade Install the MPEG ActiveX If the behavior is still present, please provide the Central Technical Support team with the Maintenance and Diagnostics logs from the camera; as well: a clear picture from the System overview of the camera (How to collect logs from your Bosch IP Camera/Encoder?) You can refer also to the following article which may be useful in this case: Which Browser is supported for Bosch cameras (web interface)? Other useful information can be found on the article below where you will find out the CPP version of Bosch IP cameras. Thus, you will know which firmware you should use for upgrading your device: Which CPP corresponds to certain cameras and encoders?   Important!   Please always check the system requirements section from Firmware Release Letter. According to the Release Letter of   CPP13 INTEOX   cameras, Firmware version   7.75.0008   the System Requirements are the following: Configuration Manager   7.30 or newer Web Browsers: o Mozilla Firefox o Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher (only for Bosch FW functionality, not for local app management)
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