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    ‎03-01-2023 03:48 PM
    If your DINION IP Thermal 8000 (NHT-8000) camera is reporting blurred/unclear/unsharp images that are randomly appearing during the day, or the night, please follow the steps below in order to fix it.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:20 AM
    Sometimes it is preferable to have a different “user mode” during the day then in the night. Our cameras by default have the option to switch the user mode e.g. triggered by the camera D/N switch over. But also other triggers can be chosen. Below an example how to setup the “user mode” switching triggered by the D/N switch over.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:08 AM
    Some options have been removed when compared to previous CPPs, as they are only useful for moving cameras. Find here the overview of the web page of ‘Live’ functions section and the options remained available for FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (CPP14) cameras.
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    ‎05-19-2023 12:48 PM
    The System Overview and Dashboard page shows all available data of your camera.  Find more useful information about FLEXIDOME multi 7000i camera from this article!
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    ‎03-14-2023 04:46 PM
    Please find in this article some settings you can do separately for each FLEXIDOME multi 7000i camera imager on the camera’s web page.
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    ‎05-15-2023 11:13 AM
    ‘Display stamping’ submenu has been moved from the General menu to the Camera menu.
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    3 weeks ago
    According to its Data Sheet, the Flexidome IP 3000i IR camera has 2 options to activate the alarm input. Please refer to the diagram from this article if you would like to get alarm input from some physical sensors.
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:41 AM
    With BVMS 11.0, new licensing system was introduced. Attached document describes how to migrate existing activated BVMS licenses from the Bosch Software License Manager System (SLMS) licensing system to the new Bosch Remote Portal licensing.
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:48 AM
    DIVAR IP units can be upgraded to BVMS 11.0. Starting with BVMS 11.0, the BVMS licensing scheme also applies to the DIVAR IP units. This document describes which units you can upgrade to BVMS 11.0 and which licenses you have to order for a DIVAR IP unit!
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:44 AM
    The article explains the different types of licenses, the basic rules of the license activation and how to activate licenses for the BVMS system.
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    ‎06-08-2023 09:05 AM
    A password prevents unauthorized access to the device. You can use different authorization levels to limit access. Proper password protection is only guaranteed when all higher authorization levels are also protected with a password. Therefore, you must always start from the highest authorization level when assigning passwords. This article will guide you step by step to set the destination password for decoders.
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    ‎10-28-2022 10:42 AM
    Do not upgrade the camera FW directly to 7.81. Otherwise, “error 13: device check failed” message will be displayed, and the FW will not be upgraded successfully.
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:31 AM
    Intelligent Insights is a standalone product. The system can run as a standalone system and be accessed by operators via the web browser or the widgets can be integrated in a BVMS operator client.
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    ‎03-14-2023 10:28 AM
    There are two methods of working with 3rd party apps: through Remote Portal and Configuration Manager. In this article you will find the step-by-step guide where is described the method using Configuration Manager.
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    ‎11-29-2022 04:09 PM
    The purpose of this article is to help you disabling the compass character from the Screen Display (OSD) of the Bosch PTZ camera via its web interface
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    ‎02-09-2023 10:55 AM
    In some cases the IVA tasks can get lost after firmware update, but you can avoid this by copying the IVA configuration. There are 2 ways. In both ways it's not guaranteed that all task shall work afterwards since new firmware version can contain a new IVA version with new features.
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    ‎05-16-2023 03:59 PM
    One of the possible traps  that DIVAR IP hybrid/network can send is HDD_STATUS_CHANGE. The HDD_STATUS_CHANGE is triggered when the status of the Hard Disk changes. 
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    ‎05-17-2023 08:37 AM
    NetApp SANtricity Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) technology represents a significant advancement in storage system, data protection and data management. As disk capacities continue to grow without sufficient increases in data transfer rates, traditional RAID rebuild times are getting longer, even up to several days. This slow rebuild results in much more time with degraded performance and exposure to additional disk failures.
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    ‎02-20-2023 04:37 PM
    By checking the Zoom threshold box you will select the current zoom position at which the mask will appear as the camera zooms in or be hidden as the camera zooms out.
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    ‎06-12-2023 01:18 PM
    When dealing with 3rd party or VSG, it’s recommended to get at-least "1" I-frame every second (normal scene).
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