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    ‎08-04-2022 08:15 AM
    The default SMTP port number for Bosch IP cameras is 25. The required SMTP port can differ depending on the service provider. From FW 5.80.0073 onwards it is possible to change the SMTP port using Alarm Task Script Language (ATSL).
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    ‎01-24-2022 02:25 PM
    The IP camera address is always the key if you would like to monitor or remote viewing it. Like any network device, the camera is assigned an IP address when it is connected to the router with Internet access and powered on. Here we will introduce 3 ways to find the network camera IP address quickly and easily.
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    ‎08-23-2021 09:07 AM
    This article informs about improvements in firmware handling and new security mechanisms that help our customers to increase security related to firmware updates and IP camera protection.
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    ‎08-05-2021 01:20 PM
    The default Community Strings for Bosch cameras is - public. To change it, please follow the steps below.
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    ‎07-19-2021 11:20 AM
    Sometimes it is preferable to have a different “user mode” during the day then in the night. Our cameras by default have the option to switch the user mode e.g. triggered by the camera D/N switch over. But also other triggers can be chosen. Below an example how to setup the “user mode” switching triggered by the D/N switch over.
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    ‎04-05-2021 11:39 AM
    Do you want to configure the 3rd party iSCSI storage with different LUNs for recording more cameras without Bosch VRM? This article explains you if this application is supported.
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