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    ‎02-23-2024 01:39 PM
    This behavior occurs when you have requested the SMA extension and you didn't upload the Activation file in the BVMS Configuration Client.
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    ‎07-26-2023 12:59 PM
    You can lock the control of a PTZ camera for other users. A user with a higher priority can take over the control and lock the camera control. A timeout can be configured for this explicit PTZ locking. If you only take over the control without manually locking it before, the control is locked for the user with lower priority for 5 seconds.
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    ‎07-24-2023 11:35 AM
    If you would like to exclude certain Events and Alarms from being written in the BVMS logbook you do have the option to exclude such information.  
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    ‎03-15-2023 11:49 AM
    Have a look at this article and learn how to fix the Add Scriptlet button which does not become active. It stays grayed out. Same happens with ClientScript and ServerScript.
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    ‎12-07-2023 08:03 AM
    You should only subscribe directly to this article (Option 1) or to the software_release_notification label (Option 2) and you will receive a notification in your inbox every time when a new Software version is released and added to the lists within this article.
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    ‎07-06-2022 09:48 AM
    Find out from this article the steps that should be considered for a planned shutting down and powering up of your BVMS system
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    ‎02-23-2024 02:05 PM
    You can create a Command Script using the following scripting languages: C# and VB.Net You cannot change the scripting language of an existing Command Script. You can create a Client Script or a Server Script. You can add multiple scriptlets to every script.
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    ‎01-18-2024 12:40 PM
    New menu option "Import from csv file" available when right clicking on a VRM pool within the Device Tree of the Configuration Client. The option is not offered for Live only or Local storage cameras. 
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:46 AM
    The validity of the SMA date should cover the BVMS version release date you wish to upgrade to. Otherwise, the upgrade will not work and you will get the message "It is not possible to upgrade the software of this System Info file to a newer version". Also, please note that this message could occur in case you are trying to upgrade your BVMS and it is on the latest available version released.
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    ‎08-10-2022 07:30 AM
    This article explains in which conditions the users and Admin user receive Alarms in BVMS Operator Client.
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    ‎04-25-2024 03:58 PM
    OPC server is installed on the BVMS server OPC client software is installed (the client used in this article is Softing OPC Toolbox Demo Client), and the user can connect to OPC server that is running on BVMS server, but the user cannot send any command from 3rd party OPC client to BVMS system, for example changing the status of virtual inputs. There are no events coming from OPC to BVMS and the OPC client is not present in the list for third party integrations with BVMS
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    ‎03-26-2024 02:24 PM
    Starting with BVMS version 12.0, the Privacy overlay feature was introduced. This feature can be configured to blur objects of type Person, based on a powerful Bosch Artificial Intelligence (AI) function
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    ‎02-23-2024 01:47 PM
    Configure BVMS Operator Client credentials, so the application starts without requesting username and password and add the shortcut path of the BVMS OC to the Windows start up directory
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    ‎04-05-2023 10:54 AM
    This article provides causes and solutions regarding  the date and time indication inside the Image Panes  which are not visible in BVMS Operator Client.  
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    ‎11-22-2023 10:12 AM
    By extracting the playback in the MOV or MP4 format using BVMS Operator Client, the video is split into multiple files and not in a single file/ segment. This behavior became visible after upgrading BVMS to version
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:19 AM
    To find out the Windows version compatible with BVMS (Bosch Video Management System), you should consult the Release Letter. BVMS compatibility may vary depending on the specific version of BVMS you are using.
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    ‎01-11-2023 12:57 PM
    This articles explains what does the User Name column indicate in the BVMS Operator Client LogBook.
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    ‎03-25-2024 04:56 PM
    When trying to get the Software Assurance Report from Remote Portal, it cannot be generated, and the red message below occurs: “Upload a valid system info file or Enter a valid System fingerprint”. Why?
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    ‎02-23-2024 02:07 PM
    In this article you will find attached an example of scriplet that turns BVMS Operator Clien in full screen mode and creates and displays a simple favorites of one camera
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:53 AM
    This article explains the meaning of the arrows in circle at the central logical tree in the BVMS Operator Client list
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