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    ‎05-30-2024 04:24 PM
    Find out what to do when you enable SingleKey ID and you are no longer able to connect to Remote Portal using the password.
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    ‎05-30-2024 04:11 PM
    The information regarding the ports can be found in BVMS – Configuration Manual (page 366), should the customer use BVMS as a VMS.
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    ‎05-27-2024 11:09 AM
    The calibration can be done by using already recorded videos, as is demonstrated in the video below. Either video recorded on the camera's SD card or on a recorder can be used. This can save calibration time and can be done by a single person.
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    ‎05-31-2024 11:52 AM
    Bosch camera's passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters including special characters
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    ‎05-24-2024 01:23 PM
    Starting with BVMS 12.2, new OpenID Connect (OIDC) login options have been introduced. When closing the Operator Client, the user can decide to completely log off or stay logged-in.
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    ‎05-15-2024 08:46 AM
    This interface is designed to provide applications an API for controlling Virtual Inputs. To access an existing Virtual Input the application has to know the unique authentication token of the Virtual Input which is used for both authentication and identification.
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    ‎05-13-2024 03:41 PM
    Global VCA under the VCA task in Configuration Manager is used from default on the camera (with no specific configured VCA Rules). VCA Profile: Global (from Positioning) is used to set the same height of the camera for all VCA profiles.
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    ‎05-08-2024 03:02 PM
    The default behavior of VRM is to redirect requests from "HTTP" to "HTTPS" via the HSTS setting. Never change VRM or any device settings via CM if they are managed by BVMS - BVMS will revert the settings back to previous state as set in BVMS Cc
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    ‎04-30-2024 02:24 PM
    The inconsistency in the tamper detection functionality could be due to various factors. Follow this article for more details.
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    ‎04-30-2024 02:14 PM
    Yes. Since the system does not have a valid SMA, the Central Technical Support team cannot perform the license transfer from one unit to the other.
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    ‎04-30-2024 02:10 PM
    At some point of the troubleshooting process, the customers might be asked to force the VRM to do a full initial discovery.
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    ‎04-29-2024 01:14 PM
    Follow the steps below to manage adding & syncing your Dropbox account and share your projects from Project Assistant with your associates.
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    ‎04-25-2024 03:58 PM
    OPC server is installed on the BVMS server OPC client software is installed (the client used in this article is Softing OPC Toolbox Demo Client), and the user can connect to OPC server that is running on BVMS server, but the user cannot send any command from 3rd party OPC client to BVMS system, for example changing the status of virtual inputs. There are no events coming from OPC to BVMS and the OPC client is not present in the list for third party integrations with BVMS
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    ‎04-18-2024 11:41 AM
    One of the reason for this error when trying to access the VCA Tasks/ Metadata Generation could be generated because of the configured tasks which exceeded the Script Size limit (limit=2000 bytes) and metadata cannot be read.
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    ‎04-18-2024 11:33 AM
    In this scenario, an alarm button is connected to the Adam unit and when this input is activated (close or open), a full screen camera image shows on the display. The display is always logged in the Operator Client for live camera view on the DIVAR IP 7000 AIO.
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    ‎03-29-2022 12:41 PM
    Use the Project Assistant to its full extent and once the cameras are connected to the target network, perform a network scan using the BVMS Configuration Client
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    ‎08-03-2022 11:28 AM
    This troubleshooting guide, will guide you through the recovery steps of a DIVAR IP 6000 or 7000, DIVAR IP 6000 R2 or 7000 R2, without video data loss
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    ‎04-12-2024 08:11 AM
    Log4j 1.2.17 is not actively used or called by the SQL Server or by the BVMS. This means that the vulnerabilities are not exploitable unless you install some additional components that refer to the vulnerable component. Therefore, there is no risk of exploitation within the SQL Server or BVMS environment.
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    ‎04-11-2024 03:08 PM
    We found that there was a change in the way intelligent tracking worked after CPP 7.3 firmware v7.62.0005. With these changes if an object triggered an alarm that turned on intelligent tracking, the camera would not track the object. It would wait for another object to trigger an alarm to track it.
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    ‎04-23-2024 08:07 AM
    This document is valid for all VideoView+ versions. Only the release notes of the latest VideoView+ version are fully updated and contain updates for earlier versions as well.
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