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    ‎06-08-2023 11:02 AM
    This article mentions that the material from which the Surface Mount Box of the NBE-5503-AL is made of is Aluminum.
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    ‎05-29-2023 11:05 AM
    This article presents what should be checked when the Sever State is Disconnected in Logical Tree from BVMS Operator Client.
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    ‎08-18-2023 09:13 AM
    When using Bosch cameras for IVA Calibration performed with Bosch Configuration Manager 7.70.0090, the Scenario selection is not there anymore, and by default it selects bird's eye view.
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    ‎10-13-2023 08:41 AM
    This article provides solution for Bosch PTZ camera & Genetec VMS when camera's image does not follow the correct field of view on the map.
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    ‎08-18-2023 10:11 AM
    Find out from this article what to do if the System Overview of Bosch camera shows the I/O controller FW version as zeros
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    ‎07-24-2023 11:35 AM
    If you would like to exclude certain Events and Alarms from being written in the BVMS logbook you do have the option to exclude such information.  
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    ‎07-17-2023 11:34 AM
    After a power outage/ reboot, all PTZ cameras will get back to their zero-point (home) position. If your PTZ camera was installed looking at a wall, in case of a power outage it will return to its home position where its image is pointing at the wall.
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    ‎04-24-2023 09:04 AM
    By setting a low Frame rate and a long GOP, this affects the replay.  On the flip side high frame rate and short GOP can show pulsing Live video: 30 FPS @ GOP 10 = 3 I-Frames per sec (the video could appear pulsing; the Monitor refresh rate could also play a role here)
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    ‎10-31-2023 01:49 PM
    Does your camera show you the live view as in the image below? During day time (Color-Mode), the image is good, but as soon Night-Mode kicks-in and the IR-LED's turn on, the reflection is noticed.
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    ‎07-26-2023 12:59 PM
    You can lock the control of a PTZ camera for other users. A user with a higher priority can take over the control and lock the camera control. A timeout can be configured for this explicit PTZ locking. If you only take over the control without manually locking it before, the control is locked for the user with lower priority for 5 seconds.
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    ‎01-04-2023 09:23 AM
    After configuring the Virtual mask in the web browser of Bosch CPP7.3 camera and afterwards going back to the Live view, the Virtual mask appears as Privacy mask and is not transparent and other inappropriate behaviors have been noticed. This happens on the Bosch CPP7.3 cameras that have FW version older than v.7.86.0019
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    ‎08-18-2023 09:54 AM
    Find out from this article what to do if the System Overview of Bosch camera shows the SC or Camera controller FW version as zeros
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    ‎10-13-2023 08:30 AM
    This article answers the question:  Is there a search limit of results in BVMS Operator Client Logbook for collecting license plate data?
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    ‎08-18-2023 09:59 AM
    Find out from this article what to do if the System Overview of Bosch camera shows the Motor controller FW version as zeros
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    ‎07-06-2022 09:48 AM
    Find out from this article the steps that should be considered for a planned shutting down and powering up of your BVMS system
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    ‎07-27-2022 10:08 AM
    This article explains what you can do if no e-mail notification is received from Remote Portal for account activation or password reset
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    ‎03-15-2023 11:49 AM
    Have a look at this article and learn how to fix the Add Scriptlet button which does not become active. It stays grayed out. Same happens with ClientScript and ServerScript.
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    ‎10-13-2023 08:11 AM
    This article presents the the successor of VIDEOJET Decoder 7000 (VJD-7513). The replacement of it is F.01U.407.935 / VJD-7523.
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:46 AM
    The validity of the SMA date should cover the BVMS version release date you wish to upgrade to. Otherwise, the upgrade will not work and you will get the message "It is not possible to upgrade the software of this System Info file to a newer version". Also, please note that this message could occur in case you are trying to upgrade your BVMS and it is on the latest available version released.
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