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    ‎08-17-2021 08:34 AM
    Remote Portal is an useful tool where you can administrate, do remote configuration, remote viewing, remote maintenance and it has a very nice way of adding new features and services solution. It’s a simple way to connect a local camera to the Remote Portal and to the end user interface. This article describes step-by-step how you can configure the Remote Portal in order to access the Bosch camera from your tablet or mobile phone via Video Security App.
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    ‎08-17-2021 08:21 AM
    When it comes to maintaining your system uptime, you absolutely have to know when there's a problem, no matter where you are or the time of the day. Therefore, this article helps you learn how to  enable Remote Alerts , if something happens on the site and you are not on it.
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    ‎06-18-2021 03:36 PM
    When  login Remote Portal in Configuration Manager v7.20.0067, the following error message is displayed "The remote name could not be resolved:" Solution
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    ‎06-09-2021 11:24 PM
    This article explains how to connect an INTEOX camera to the S&ST ecosystem using Configuration Manager (7.20 and later). Nice to know: For a better understanding of using the  Bosch Remote Portal, S&ST ecosystem and INTEOX cameras , we encourage you to join our   online Inteox product line introduction training  from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!
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    ‎05-27-2021 04:12 PM
    Question   Why the "Customer" user from the Bosch Remote Portal can see only few cameras in Video Security App?   Answer   Let's suppose that the "Customer" user should see 3 cameras in the Video Security App. When logging to the App, he can see only 2 of them. Why? This is because the "Administrator" user didn't grant rights to the "Customer" user to see the 3rd camera. Follow the steps from this article and find out how you can solve this issue.
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    ‎05-27-2021 02:02 PM
    Bosch Remote Portal connects you to your Bosch Security devices from anywhere and lets you perform remote administration and maintenance anytime. In this article it is explained in a step-by-step guide how you can add Bosch cameras to Bosch Remote Portal.    Nice to know: For a better understanding of using the  Bosch Remote Portal , we encourage you to join our   online Training from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!
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    ‎05-21-2021 03:46 PM
    Possible causes and solution(s) Cameras which get connected from the customer's site to Bosch Remote Portal use an outgoing connection via TCP port 42000. Outgoing connections usually are not blocked by a router, however in a corporate network with proxy server, firewall, etc. involved, the IT department might open the needed ports. The troubleshooting steps below might help you to connect cameras to Bosch Remote Portal.   Known issues on camera commissioning In most cases when camera commissioning fails, the root cause is: No connection to Bosch Security Cloud from the customer’s site Blocked Internet connectivity (e.g. blocked ports by proxy or firewall) User belongs to more than one Company in Remote Portal The camera is already commissioned to a different cloud instance Known camera firmware issues Known camera date issue Further…  
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    ‎05-21-2021 01:30 PM
    Out of the factory, DHCP is enabled in the Bosch IP camera; therefore the network settings get applied automatically in the camera from the router. Also the cloud connecting mechanism starts automatically for the first 8 hours after the camera is powered up. In some customer's network DHCP needs to be disabled and IP addresses are set manually. Note:   N ot firmware specific. This ability is available for all cameras which can be commissioned to Remote Portal (f/w 6.40 and later) To be able to deploy such camera with DHCP disabled to Bosch Remote Portal, please perform the following steps.   Step-by-step guide   1. Configure network settings correctly     direct in the camera website, with IP Helper tool, with Config manager, etc. Network > Network Access - IP address - Subnet Mask - Gateway - DNS Server address   2. Enable Cloud operation mode   Network > Advanced Set Cloud operation mode to   ON   and   click SET button   on the website’s bottom !   3. Connect to Remote Portal   Network > Advanced Note: Be sure that you are a Remote Portal user which belongs to one (1) Company in Remote Portal only, or select the Default Commissioning Company.   4. Verify connection to Remote Portal’s Video Relay   General > User management -  The cloud user   is displayed for EMEA region - The cloud user   is displayed for America region - The cloud user   is displayed for APR region
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    ‎04-05-2021 04:50 PM
    Question What should you do if the Bosch Remote Portal is not reachable from Configuration Manager?   Are you trying to register your camera in the Bosch Remote Portal and the message below is displayed in Configuration Manager? "Remote Portal is not reachable. Please check your network settings, maybe no valid gateway and DNS is configured" Follow the steps from this article and find out how you can register and connect your camera to the Bosch Remote Portal.
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    ‎04-05-2021 04:25 PM
    If you are trying to connect your device to the Remote Portal and it says that server is unreachable, please check the firewall blocks and whether certain ports are not blocked.
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    ‎04-05-2021 12:10 PM
    Video Security App and Video Client offer advanced playback and live viewing capabilities for all video devices connected to a DIVAR IP 2000/5000. Follow these steps if you need to configure your DIVAR IP 2000/ 5000 to be accessed through the Video Security App via Bosch Remote Portal.
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    ‎04-05-2021 11:50 AM
    How the video stream management works when using the Remote Portal connect feature? Does the cloud-service simply initiate the connection between device and client, or throughout the video stream as well?  For example: Assuming a Remote Connect, the camera is viewed by Video Security App (connecting via Remote Portal) — but physically connected via a local WiFI (LAN).  Does the video stream (from camera to client) remain only on the LAN? Or, does the video stream need to first process 'through' the cloud?
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    ‎04-05-2021 11:42 AM
    "How can I add an NVR in BVMS Viewer via DNS?" This question of our clients is more and more often encountered by the Central Support team. Here you will find the answer and recommendations of our experts .
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