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    How to connect DIP 4000/6000/7000 AIO to Remote Portal via System Manager & activate trial license?

    With the release of System Manager 2.0, the DIVAR IP systems can now be connected to the internet for maintenance and management, using Bosch Remote Portal.

    DIVAR IPs need to be connected to Remote Portal individually as well as be licensed individually, in order to be managed and monitored through Remote System Management.


    The main advantages of Remote System Management are:

    • Enables users to remotely monitor, manage and maintain their video systems across distributed sites
    • Monitor systems remotely around the clock and receive notifications when issues arise
    • Easy update deployment, also on multi-site systems
    • This ensures increased system availability, while being up to date and secure

    When using Remote System Management, the DIVAR IP functions as the gateway for the whole video system; no need to configure camera connections to the outside on an individual basis.
    Only one secure connection to the cloud is necessary to consolidate outbound communication for all cameras.

    Remote System Manager is available on systems that support System Manager for software deployment.

    info_symbol.png Info

    Availability starts with version 2.0 of System Manager, on the current line-up of DIVAR IPs; 4000, 6000 and 7000 3rd generation.


    Step-by-step guide


    1. If System Manager 2.0 is not installed yet, please download it from Bosch Download Store and install it.  

    2. Connect the system to Remote Portal via the UI of the DIVAR IP System Manager 2.0 or above, which runs locally on the DIVAR IP.

    Select Remote Portal connection menu > fill in your Remote Portal account credentials > click Register



    3. With the DIVAR IP now connected to Remote Portal, it is now possible to find the device online.

    Click Go to Remote Portal and login again with your Remote Portal Account credentials.


    Once you are authenticated to your Remote Portal account, the DIVAR IP will be displayed in the Systems menu:



    4. In order to test the capabilities of Remote System Management, the next step is to activate a trial license.

    For every newly connected DIVAR IP, a trial license is automatically added to the Service Licensing section (cloud service license pool).

    Simply activate service in the pop-up menu of the DIVAR IP:



    And then select the trial license to get started:



    When the trial license is activated, the Remote System Management capabilities are available and you can monitor the System Health, see the Devices overview, add Remote Alert Services and so on:



    Nice to know.pngNice to know:

    For a better understanding of using DIVAR IP AIO 4000 & 6000 we encourage you to join our free online Training from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!