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    ‎09-12-2022 05:00 PM
    Bosch has been providing 2 types of VRM packages: a 32bit and a 64bit version. Since VRM 3.82 we are only offering the 64bit version.  
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    ‎08-23-2022 02:52 PM
    As video surveillance use grows in commercial, government and private use cases, the need for low-cost storage at scale is growing rapidly. BVMS, Bosch cameras, HPE hardware and SUSE Enterprise Storage provide a platform that is an ideal target for recording these streams.
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    ‎08-03-2022 11:28 AM
    This troubleshooting guide, will guide you through the recovery steps of a DIVAR IP 6000 or 7000, DIVAR IP 6000 R2 or 7000 R2, without video data loss
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    ‎01-04-2023 12:30 PM
    Find out from this article what you should do to fix green Image panes in BVMS
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    ‎08-25-2022 12:18 PM
    Find out from this article what to do when installing Configuration Manager v6.20.0102 on Windows 10 and error message is received during installation of .NET Framework v4.7.2
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    This article presents the comprehensive steps of DIVAR-IP all-in-one System Manager and Remote System Management installation and configuration
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    This article presents possible causes and solution regarding no recording for cameras added to VRM (DIP 7000AIO): ‘Unexpected error’ in BVMS Config Client
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    ‎07-20-2022 09:13 AM
    The UDP tunneling cannot be configured on BRS. Network cards are grayed out.
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    3 weeks ago
    In case of unexpected behavior of the Bosch Forensic Search in Genetec Security Center this page can help during the investigation and in finding the root cause of the problems
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    ‎08-25-2023 08:50 AM
    During the BVMS upgrade from v11.1.1 to v12.0 through System Manager v2.0 on the DIVAR IP 6000 AIO, the software file placed on an external drive is not visible to be installed. What could be the cause?
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    ‎08-07-2023 09:59 AM
    This article shows what to do in case the following message occurs: "Could not add the following devices"  when adding IP cameras FW 7.87  to BVMS 12.0.
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    ‎08-02-2023 08:32 AM
    BVMS Configuration Client or Operator Client does not display correctly on the DIVAR IP 4000 AIO when opened from the Kiosk mode and appears oversized in fullscreen.
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    ‎07-26-2023 02:22 PM
    Find out what can you do when in large parts of the zoom range, the MIC IP starlight 7100i camera simply does not focus; this is the same for manual PTZ and pre-sets.
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    ‎07-26-2023 01:05 PM
    When logging into BVMS Operator Client, there is an alarm showing up: “System Error - Server alarm queue capacity reached”. Find out from this article what could be the cause and how to solve this.
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    ‎07-26-2023 12:59 PM
    You can lock the control of a PTZ camera for other users. A user with a higher priority can take over the control and lock the camera control. A timeout can be configured for this explicit PTZ locking. If you only take over the control without manually locking it before, the control is locked for the user with lower priority for 5 seconds.
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    ‎07-26-2023 12:48 PM
    The alarms appear, the forensic search is working fine, but the yellow lines don’t appear on the recording line/ timeline. What to do to display the yellow lines in timeline?
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    ‎07-21-2023 11:02 AM
    Find out from this article what to do when the Decoder VJD-7513 with FW 10.31.0005 is displayed in BVMS but: First monitor connected on HDMI to HDMI on monitor shows images. Second monitor connected via a USB-C-to-DP cable to the DP port on the monitor shows no output on the second monitor.
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    ‎07-21-2023 08:50 AM
    This article explains what to do when a black image occurs during the selection/ switching between Streams or by selecting the recorded videos (locally) when accessing Camera Trainer in Configuration Manager.
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    ‎07-17-2023 11:24 AM
    When entering in BVMS Operator Client, the camera's image is black and only Transcoding option is available for streams (no stream 1 or 2 , or image pane optimized) Desired result: See the camera's live image
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    ‎07-17-2023 11:13 AM
    “Error message” occurs while trying to upgrade the Firmware of VJD-7513 from firmware version 9.51 to 10.23. Configuration Manager 7.61 is used.
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