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    ‎06-16-2023 12:57 PM
    There might be problems when you are trying to use the Forensic search function for FLEXIDOME Multi 7000i cameras (FW 8.71.0066) after upgrading from BVMS 10.1 to BVMS The message is saying that “Forensic search must be configured for this workstation”
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    ‎06-14-2023 11:13 AM
    This article explains the meaning of each color on the Playback timeline in BVMS Operator Client.
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    ‎06-09-2023 04:55 PM
    In this article you will learn how to install the keyboard drivers and hot to configure a BVMS workstation for Keyboard integration
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    ‎06-08-2023 09:40 AM
    Download BVMS Lite from the Download Area and use the quick installation guide to set-up the system.
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    ‎06-08-2023 08:17 AM
    The attached documents should help you to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. The upgrade itself is not restricted to BVMS software only. The supported software and firmware versions can be found in the release notes of the related BVMS version.
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    ‎05-29-2023 11:59 AM
    This article presents what are the limitations of Privacy overlay in BVMS 12 (Pano cameras, h.263 & MPEG, decoder, VSC).
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    ‎05-29-2023 11:05 AM
    This article presents what should be checked when the Sever State is Disconnected in Logical Tree from BVMS Operator Client.
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    ‎05-19-2023 02:32 PM
    BVMS Operator Client has live issues (black image, the app closes by itself, pixelation of images, same camera shown in multiple cameos although it was only selected once, hibernation/power saving, part of the tree view seen in the Image Panes area). Follow this article and find out how you can check the basics for BVMS Operator Client live issues
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    ‎05-05-2023 12:21 PM
    This article aims to provide concerned parties, such as customers, users, operators or consultants, with an overview of data privacy and protection related features of BVMS Person Identification. Moreover, this article describes how data, as processed during the Person Identification steps, can be classified. Finally, this article lists technical measures for data protection in the context of BVMS Person Identification.
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    ‎05-05-2023 11:04 AM
    This article explains how to find the source (details of the workstation) and credentials that are used to attempt to login into BVMS (when the attempt has failed)
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    ‎05-05-2023 09:03 AM
    Transcoding is the feature to display the streaming of live video as smooth as possible based on available network bandwidth. In this article you will find out why there is black image in Op. Client (Transcoder not available)
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:53 AM
    This article explains the meaning of the arrows in circle at the central logical tree in the BVMS Operator Client list
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:46 AM
    The validity of the SMA date should cover the BVMS version release date you wish to upgrade to. Otherwise, the upgrade will not work and you will get the message "It is not possible to upgrade the software of this System Info file to a newer version". Also, please note that this message could occur in case you are trying to upgrade your BVMS and it is on the latest available version released.
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    ‎05-04-2023 09:10 AM
    The purpose of this article is to provide step by step instructions on how to successfully import video and storage devices from a DIVAR IP Recording Appliance to a BVMS standalone installation while retaining all existing recorded video.
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    ‎05-02-2023 11:27 AM
    Find out from this article what you should check when there is a black image of your camera in Operator Client when clicking on the Instant Playback
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    ‎05-02-2023 11:22 AM
    “Server is not online” message is displayed when accessing BVMS Operator Client. After clicking OK, the Operator Client is opening in a loop and never stops. What should you do?
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    ‎05-02-2023 11:00 AM
    This article explains what you can do when the ‘Stream limits’ parameter set in the webpage of FLEXIDOME multi 7000i camera is not visible in BVMS Configuration Client.
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    ‎04-27-2023 12:45 PM
    For all ONVIF, RTSP and JPEG cameras we only support one live stream, and for ONVIF you can only select which profile to use for this one live stream. 
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    ‎04-26-2023 08:13 AM
    The attached documents show the different design options that are available when designing a BVMS system. For BVMS 10.1, we have extended the blueprints with Person Identification, the Access Management System, and updated the Enterprise overview.
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    ‎04-24-2023 09:04 AM
    By setting a low Frame rate and a long GOP, this affects the replay.  On the flip side high frame rate and short GOP can show pulsing Live video: 30 FPS @ GOP 10 = 3 I-Frames per sec (the video could appear pulsing; the Monitor refresh rate could also play a role here)
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