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    2 weeks ago
    The Image Stabilization cannot be used in combination with VCA tasks, with the various MIC-7100i models. Turning Off the image stabilization will solve this behavior.
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    ‎03-18-2024 09:50 AM
    Be sure that the MIC-7100i camera is configured in BVMS Configuration Client with "Bosch-AutoDome Bilinx" protocol and not with "Bosch-AutoDome" protocol or other options from the list.
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    ‎03-07-2024 09:34 AM
    Please note that the relay output of the IO Alarm card is a dry contact relay (with 24VAC/VDC, 5 A). In order to control another circuit that has a 230V you can't do that directly because its higher than it was design for. In order to safety control a 230V, you could use a 24V on that output and control an additional/external relay: powering its coil this relay could switch the 230 circuit of the washer.
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    ‎02-28-2024 12:55 PM
    In the winter period, if there is no PAN functionality in the camera and despite this, the TILT still works, this could be caused by the snow or ice that might be stuck between the static part of the camera and the moving camera head. Find out from this article how you can prevent this happening.
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    ‎02-27-2024 03:24 PM
    Bosch requires the installer to provide the specified power mentioned on the product spec sheet and labels. While taking into consideration the POE standards. Bosch doesn't support out-of-spec operation of our cameras as we cannot guarantee proper functionality in such circumstances. Thus, we will not be providing out-of-spec voltage or power values at this stage.
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    ‎02-13-2024 10:19 AM
    The maximum zoom speed in the GUI is operational but is only applicable during "manual control." When the operator calls for 30x, the zoom speed has to remain constant. While the speed may not be as rapid as anticipated, it is essential to understand that this camera model is already operating at its optimum capacity.
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    ‎01-25-2024 10:02 AM
    ‘Status 11’ means that the wiper is blocked and cannot move freely or cannot move at all. Please check if the wiper is working properly and can move freely.
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    ‎12-14-2023 01:41 PM
    Mercury vapor lights are banned in many countries. There are a variety of phosphor coatings used by different lighting brands resulting in different color temperatures.
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    ‎12-13-2023 02:49 PM
    The Bosch camera can make up to two (2) recorded tours. A recorded tour saves all manual camera movements made during the recording, including its rate of pan, tilt and zoom speeds, and other lens setting changes.
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    ‎11-29-2023 11:31 AM
    Should the inverter produce a sine/sinusoidal wave, a square wave or other?
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    ‎11-21-2023 02:30 PM
    If you want to disable the digital zoom or to limit the maximum zoom-in of the AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i IR camera, you can do that by using the AUX Command 80 (OFF).
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    ‎10-27-2023 03:59 PM
    The MIC IP fusion 9000i supports only simplified Chinese language. There is no option to select traditional Chinese in the menu.
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    ‎08-02-2023 12:00 PM
    Find out from this article what should be done when the MIC IP STARLIGHT 7100I cameras pan but do not tilt
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    ‎07-26-2023 02:22 PM
    Find out what can you do when in large parts of the zoom range, the MIC IP starlight 7100i camera simply does not focus; this is the same for manual PTZ and pre-sets.
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    ‎06-07-2023 04:07 PM
    Follow this article if you would like to optimize the image quality of your AUTODOME IP 5100i camera
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    ‎03-14-2023 04:28 PM
    "Show VCA items" is a function which works in Internet Explorer 11 with the Bosch MPEG ActiveX installed. Due the end-of-life of Internet Explorer, this function is no longer available on Microsoft Edge.
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    ‎02-06-2023 10:25 AM
    This is a known design limitation and has always been present in the mentioned platforms. There are also no plans to correct this behavior.
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    ‎02-06-2024 02:15 PM
    This article explains how to configure the Bosch ITS and NTCIP licensed versions of IP moving cameras to respond to National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP).
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    ‎01-04-2023 09:09 AM
    This article it is about analog control system connected directly to the MIC IP serial port. The serial com ports of traditional analog systems head end control systems connect directly to the RS485 input of the MIC IP models listed within this article.
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    ‎12-21-2022 11:22 AM
    Camera integrated as NTCIP with SUNGUIDE software works great, but as ONVIF there are issues with the focus. When trying to adjust the focus from the SunGuide software, there are no changes with the camera image.
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