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    ‎03-07-2024 09:34 AM
    Please note that the relay output of the IO Alarm card is a dry contact relay (with 24VAC/VDC, 5 A). In order to control another circuit that has a 230V you can't do that directly because its higher than it was design for. In order to safety control a 230V, you could use a 24V on that output and control an additional/external relay: powering its coil this relay could switch the 230 circuit of the washer.
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    ‎02-28-2024 12:55 PM
    In the winter period, if there is no PAN functionality in the camera and despite this, the TILT still works, this could be caused by the snow or ice that might be stuck between the static part of the camera and the moving camera head. Find out from this article how you can prevent this happening.
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    ‎02-27-2024 03:24 PM
    Bosch requires the installer to provide the specified power mentioned on the product spec sheet and labels. While taking into consideration the POE standards. Bosch doesn't support out-of-spec operation of our cameras as we cannot guarantee proper functionality in such circumstances. Thus, we will not be providing out-of-spec voltage or power values at this stage.
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    ‎02-23-2024 02:05 PM
    You can create a Command Script using the following scripting languages: C# and VB.Net You cannot change the scripting language of an existing Command Script. You can create a Client Script or a Server Script. You can add multiple scriptlets to every script.
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    ‎02-23-2024 02:07 PM
    In this article you will find attached an example of scriplet that turns BVMS Operator Clien in full screen mode and creates and displays a simple favorites of one camera
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    ‎02-23-2024 01:47 PM
    Configure BVMS Operator Client credentials, so the application starts without requesting username and password and add the shortcut path of the BVMS OC to the Windows start up directory
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    ‎02-23-2024 01:31 PM
    The MBV-MBase is the license that allows you to extend the SMA in Remote Portal. You receive this license when you place an order to Order Desk for SMA extension and it must be activated in the Remote Portal and on the server like any other license.
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    ‎03-04-2024 04:57 PM
    BVMS Desktop screen (BVMS Kiosk screen) has several customization possibilities for introducing a company logo picture and a custom text, as well as selecting if an application icon will appear on the screen or not.  Follow this article to see the guidance on how to make these customizations.
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    ‎02-20-2024 04:49 PM
    The RCPP command to enable/ disable the privacy masks is CONF_PRIV_MSK_POLY - 0x0bd8. Follow this article to see the rcpp command to enable & disable the privacy mask of a Bosch camera (moving or fixed).
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    ‎02-20-2024 08:15 AM
    Check this article to learn about what to do when a FLEXIDOME multi 7000i (IR) or FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i (IR) does not boot up or is unresponsive.
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    ‎02-16-2024 10:39 AM
    If you have for example a DIVAR 7000 AIO as central BVMS server and also, on the same network, you have a DIVAR Network Video Recorder (NVR) to which cameras are connected to and recording, the recording is typically handled by the NVR itself. Therefore, in this case the cameras added on the NVR will continue recording only there because the NVR manages the recording and storage of video footage from them.
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    ‎02-16-2024 08:37 AM
    MVS gets error message “Videoprovider not available” when trying to log on. Also, the BVMS Configuration Client shows the X mark on the MVS. What to do?
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    ‎03-04-2024 09:19 AM
    In order to enhance user experience and security for all connected recording and management systems, Bosch has upgraded the cloud and service infrastructure. As a result, existing connections between DIVAR IP all-in-one systems and Remote Portal were terminated on February 15th 2024 and will need to be restored.
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    ‎08-24-2022 01:19 PM
    To be able to control Bilinx devices on VideoJet X series please have a look at this article and configure the work around presented here
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    ‎02-13-2024 10:19 AM
    The maximum zoom speed in the GUI is operational but is only applicable during "manual control." When the operator calls for 30x, the zoom speed has to remain constant. While the speed may not be as rapid as anticipated, it is essential to understand that this camera model is already operating at its optimum capacity.
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    ‎02-13-2024 09:09 AM
    The "Lens rotation" slider can be used to correct for any manual lens rotations performed during installation. If the lens is manually rotated during installation, the slider value should be aligned with the rotation value shown on the lens.
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    ‎02-13-2024 08:29 AM
    If the ‘decoder offline’ message occurs during the FW upgrade from 54.7 to 54.8,  try to use another version of Configuration Manager, or remove the password temporarily.
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:19 AM
    To find out the Windows version compatible with BVMS (Bosch Video Management System), you should consult the Release Letter. BVMS compatibility may vary depending on the specific version of BVMS you are using.
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:13 AM
    Perform an update in the BVMS setting to pull h265 and the recording should start to show up in the playback cameo from BVMS Operator Client
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    ‎02-12-2024 11:05 AM
    DIVAR 5000 network or Hybrid do not support KBD-UXF. However, the KBD-DIGITAL is still a current product and can be used.
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