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    Basic troubleshooting and most common mistakes on SONY cameras

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes


    Let’s take a peek at some of the most common mistakes you can make when installing SONY security cameras — so you can avoid them!


    • Solution


    1. Since all Sony cameras are tested in the Internet Explorer (IE), please connect on the camera over the IE and no other browsers.

    Please make sure that you have installed the IE Plugin "Active X" so you will not get black screens on the Camera and other issues from the plugin.


    2. Read the Installation Notes of the cameras. You may use a wrong setup for the camera such as: if the camera is an outdoor camera and you use it inside, strange behavior may occur.


    3. Most cameras have a DIP switch inside of the housing. As you can see in the picture below:



    You may use the wrong connection to the camera, such as the wrong power source.

    For example the Camera: SNC-ER521 needs power to be started: if the camera does not receive enough power it will stop in a boot loop and will not start. It is going to show up in the SNC Toolbox but no actions are available on the camera due to the power specifications:



    Most Cameras that need external power or a POE+/hpoe have in the accessories either the SNCA-HPOE1 (midspan from Sony) or the power supply.  

    Please be aware of this!

    It is either the PoE+ or the 24VAC connection. Both connections will not work.


    4. If the topic is about the Configuration of the camera or the integration in another system, please provide the Central Technical Support team with the configuration of the camera.

    The configuration of the camera can be found on the IE page of the camera: under the Settings > System (on the model SNC-VB640 for example it is under Initialize >" backup setting data")


    5. If you encounter problems like:

    • Black image on the page of the camera:

      • The connection to the camera needs to be checked.

    • If there is an X on the right top corner:

      • The Active X plugin needs to be installed on the system.

    • If a FW upgrade has failed:

      • Put the old FW on the camera back.

        Please be aware that after upgrading past 2.8.0 the camera cannot be downgraded.

    • Motion Detection not working properly. (Error message: X in the left side of the screen):

      • Add-on (internet Explorer) SNCIntelligence needs to be installed and enabled on the station you want to access the camera from. 

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