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    How to download Bosch camera videos to Dropbox?

    Accidents happen, but cloud backup services from Dropbox help make recovering your lost files easier.

    If you want to download the Bosch camera videos to your Dropbox account, please follow the steps below.

    Article requirements:

    • Create a Dropbox account
    • Go to the configuration menu of the Bosch IP camera,
      • either by adding the “IP number/port” of the camera in the address bar/URL (ignore security warnings, and in the pop-up menu; fill in “service” as username and the camera’s password)
      • or by using the “Configuration Manager” (on Windows PC) select the camera, right-click and select “configure verification for camera”. Ignore security warnings, and in the pop-up menu fill in “service” as username and the camera’s password).
    • Check whether the most actual FW is installed on the camera. If not, make sure you do this first (link download store for FW, Configuration Manager and video security client).
    • Bosch Video Security app installed (IOS, Android and Windows)



    Step-by-step guide


    Connect your Bosch camera to your Dropbox account:

    1.Go in (1) the “Configuration” menu to (2) “Connectivity” and to (3) “Accounts

    2. Click on the “Account1” tab and select (4) “Dropbox” from the drop-down menu


    Note: For CPP4 cameras go to “Network” and then to the “Accounts” tab.


    3. Click on “Authentication”. A pop-up menu will appear requesting an access code. Additionally, you will be redirected to Dropbox.


    4. Login to Dropbox to link it to Bosch Security Systems.


    5. Permission will be asked by Bosch Security Systems to have access to Apps - Bosch. Click on “Allow”.


    6. A pop-up menu will appear with a code. Enter the code from Dropbox into the pop-up menu of the camera and click on “OK”.


    7. A check mark will appear next to “Authentication” when Dropbox and Bosch Security Systems are linked.



    Configure the Video Security Client 


    8. After opening the Video Security Client (App) on the iPad, iPhone, Android or a Windows device select the  8.png in the bottom right.


    9. When recording on SD-cards or a VRM device select “You don’t use a gateway” and fill in a name (for instance: Office Bosch cam). Next, click on “OK”.

    Note: when accessing the camera externally, you should use “Bosch Remote portal” or “port forwarding” in the router.


    10. Click on “Edit” to add cameras and groups


    11. Click on ‘’Add camera’’ in the pop-up menu. 


    12. Select the camera(s) you want a visual on (selected cameras are presented in blue). Subsequently, click on “Add”.


    13. The camera settings need to be verified. Select a camera.


    14. Fill in “service” as username and the camera’s password. Next, click on “Log on”. 


    15. When the camera settings are verified (indicated by check mark) the camera is added to the “Video Security Client”.

    Subsequently, click on “close” and repeat step 13-15 for every camera. 


    16. You can create your optimal visualization by moving the camera visuals. To save your preferred visualization, save it in Favorites “☆”.

    How to download Bosch camera videos to Dropbox.png

    17. In the bottom middle click on ”Playback” > “Exports” and > “Export Video”.


    18. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on “Target selection” and select “Dropbox”.  

    Note: A green dot (A) can be seen under the camera’s name when Dropbox and Bosch Security Systems are linked (step 7).


    19. In “Time Selection” you can select “Export range” or “Current playback time”. Additionally, you can specify a certain time slot from which you want to download the video. End with clicking on “OK”. 


    20. A pop-up menu will appear. Under “Progress..“ the time it takes to download the videos to Dropbox will be shown. 


    21. Login to Dropbox. Click on “all files” > “Apps” > “Bosch”. You can find the videos here.


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