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    What does Transcoding refer to & why there is black image in Op. Client (Transcoder not available)?



    What does Transcoding refer to & why there is black image in BVMS Operator Client (Transcoder not available)?




    Transcoding is the feature to display the streaming of live video as smooth as possible based on available network bandwidth.


    ⯈ The “Transcoding” page allows you to choose the preferred transcoder, if available



     HW-Transcoders (live + replay):

      • Device is part of DIVAR IP Hardware (only working when the VRM is on the same HW)
      • Videojet XF (extra device) assigned to the VRM

     SW-Transcoder (live only):

      • Mobile Video Service (MVS) one separate HW is configured to the BVMS Management Server
      • MVS is part of DIVAR IP 3000/7000


    • Transcoders do not support intelligent tracking, ROI, IVA overlays, and additional data.
    • Detailed explanation about the difference between Software transcoding and Hardware transcoding can be found here.

     ⚠️ Black image in the Image Panes from BVMS Operator Client installed on a DIVAR IP:



    This happens when the stream is set to Transcoding and the black image occurs due to the VRM which is installed on the other machine, and it is not installed on the DIVAR.

    How to get it working?

    Install the VRM on the DIP unit, change the IP of the VRM in the Configuration Client. The old VRM should be removed.

    ⚠️  If this will not solve the issue: go in Services and check if the Bosch USB Transcoding service is enabled. If not, right click on it and click Start.

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