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    What is the maximum firmware version supported by cameras depending on the BVMS version?



    What is the maximum firmware version supported by cameras depending on the BVMS version?



    A possible situation can occur when you have, for example, one DIP 3000 with BVMS 8.0 and CPP7.3 cameras. The cameras are not working because the firmware is old.

    The behavior that might arise could be:

    • Configuration Client will display a message like: "unknown platform"
    • Gaps in recordings or not recording at all
    • VCA settings cannot be changed

    • Logs warning: "2020-11-22 04:49:29.339;cameraId=\0\1;Sender;Error;This device has an abnormal high storage consumption. To protect other recordings, storage allocation is reduced. But this may result in recording gaps for this device"


    Please check below the limits of the camera firmware version, depending on the CPP and BVMS used, based on the following compatibility list:

    What is the maximum firmware version supported by cameras depending on the BVMS version.png

    The table below lists the firmware versions which were used in the BVMS 11.0 system test:


    *This information is also available in the BVMS 11.0 Release Note


     The table below lists the firmware versions which were used in the BVMS 11.1.1 system test:


    *This information is also available in the BVMS 11.1.1 Release Note





    • The BVMS release notes lists the firmware versions which are used in the system tests. These firmware versions are fully compatible with the released version. New Bosch IP devices or firmware will be supported by up to two years old software clients, based on the release date of the firmware and the BVMS version.
    • When a support case is raised, and the difference between the BVMS release and firmware release is larger than 2 years, the technical support team will require the system to be upgraded to the recommended firmware and/or BVMS version before further troubleshooting is offered.
    • In order to connect CPP13 cameras to BVMS 9.0, 10.0, and 10.0.1, the system needs to patched with the Inteox camera patch. This is available from the end of Q3-2020.
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