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    ‎10-03-2023 03:26 PM
    This article presents the comprehensive steps of DIVAR-IP all-in-one System Manager and Remote System Management installation and configuration
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    ‎10-03-2023 03:23 PM
    Follow the steps from this article and find out how you can remotely view and collect the system's event log through IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface).
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    ‎09-25-2023 09:53 AM
    In the past (prior to Windows Server 2012 R2), in order to perform NIC Teaming, we would have needed two adapters which were from the same vendor, and a third-party software that would make the teaming possible and present the OS with just one “virtual” network card.Now from Windows Server 2012 R2 and up, this is built-in and its hardware agnostic. This means you can use whatever network cards you want and the teaming will work like a charm.
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    ‎08-29-2023 11:03 AM
    In this article can be found how to add a license in Remote Portal and activate it on a DIVAR IP AIO connected to Remote Portal via System Manager.
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:48 AM
    DIVAR IP units can be upgraded to BVMS 11.0. Starting with BVMS 11.0, the BVMS licensing scheme also applies to the DIVAR IP units. This document describes which units you can upgrade to BVMS 11.0 and which licenses you have to order for a DIVAR IP unit!
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    ‎08-29-2023 10:19 AM
    Follow the steps from this article when an error message appears on your DIVAR IP 5000 AIO during license activation process
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    ‎08-25-2023 08:50 AM
    During the BVMS upgrade from v11.1.1 to v12.0 through System Manager v2.0 on the DIVAR IP 6000 AIO, the software file placed on an external drive is not visible to be installed. What could be the cause?
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    ‎08-21-2023 09:07 AM
    This article explains what action should be done for DIVAR IP 7000 Gen 3 before collecting IPMI logs
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    ‎08-21-2023 09:00 AM
    Strange behaviors of the Divar IP 6000/7000 R2 start from a root cause that need to be found. Log files are the most comprehensive and help the Central Technical Support team to find it and provide you further assistance. This article provides you a step-by-step guide on how you can collect MegaRAID logs for DIVAR IP 6000/7000 R2.
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    ‎08-18-2023 09:24 AM
    Any modification of the DIP unit IP, adding of a Network Dongle, moving of the ethernet cable in another network switch, even temporary, will stop the communication between the VRM and BVMS and could lead to issues. (e.g. No recording /iSCSI Target unreachable etc.)
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    ‎08-17-2023 04:44 PM
    This FAQ article contains a lot of questions and answers related to Bosch Remote System Management service 
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    ‎08-02-2023 08:32 AM
    BVMS Configuration Client or Operator Client does not display correctly on the DIVAR IP 4000 AIO when opened from the Kiosk mode and appears oversized in fullscreen.
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    ‎06-23-2023 02:15 PM
    This article explains step-by-step how to upgrade the MegaRAID Storage Manager to v.17.05 on DIVAR aio 7000.
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    ‎06-21-2023 10:05 AM
    A DIP 5000 AIO is configured as a JBOD box and if one drive goes bad then you will have to replace that drive and all the data will be lost. Check this article and learn how you can add, replace or change HDDs in DIVAR IP 5000 AIO
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    ‎06-16-2023 12:27 PM
    This article provides causes and solutions regarding the error code 49 Invalid Credentials when trying to login to LSA management software.
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    ‎06-14-2023 10:47 AM
    This article explains that by pressing ALT+TAB  it is possible to return on the kiosk mode from DIVAR IP System Manager without the need of restarting the unit.  
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    ‎06-09-2023 04:34 PM
    If you suspect that your hard drive has failed and you are contacting the Central Technical Support team, please first consider the mandatory information listed below, which must be provided to them.
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    ‎06-05-2023 04:07 PM
    If you cannot access any program from kiosk mode or they are randomly opened on your DIVAR IP AIO, this happens because you double click on the icons.
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    ‎05-29-2023 11:59 AM
    This article presents what are the limitations of Privacy overlay in BVMS 12 (Pano cameras, h.263 & MPEG, decoder, VSC).
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    ‎05-29-2023 11:21 AM
    This article explains what is the difference between operations mode of a DIVAR IP all-in-one 4000 & 6000.
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